Aunque los pirules tienen efectos alelopáticos negativos sobre los cultivos, sus efectos sobre estas plantas nativas siguen siendo desconocidos. De hecho, la. vol número1 Alternancia de cultivos, su efecto sobre el suelo en zonas dedicadas a tabaco negro en · índice de autores · índice de materia búsqueda de . No Brasil, os estudos com alelopatia são, muitas vezes, restritos à influência de plantas cultivadas e invasoras sobre os cultivos, principalmente em manejo com .

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These results then suggest that male peppertrees would be more aggressive than female individuals for inhibiting the establishment of succulent plants that are colonizing abandoned agricultural fields of Mexico.

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Management of mycorrhizas in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. We assigned 45 of dishes to each native species and sowed 20 seeds of the respective species on these dishes. Nevertheless, for these two cacti, extracts obtained from all other peppertree organs also led to sn germination rates than those estimated for control seeds Figure 1.

Seedling emergence was monitored every three days during 60 days.

Influencia de la alelopatía en los cultivos [1998]

Nevertheless, these three species also displayed lower shoot emergence rates in the soil collected beneath female peppertrees than in the control soil collected in open areas without vegetation cover Figure 2A vultivos, 2B and 2C. In Ferocactus latispinus Figure 1B and Myrtillocactus geometrizans Figure 1Cthe concentrated and diluted extracts of staminate flowers also reduced germination rates in higher magnitudes than the other treatments.

The last column of the table shows the results of the one-way ANOVA used to compare seedling dry biomass among soil types used in the greenhouse experiments. Nevertheless, detailed biochemical analyses are still being required to determine whether the concentration and nature of secondary metabolites vary among plant organs, as well as between genders of the Peruvian peppertrees.


Although peppertrees have negative allelopathic effects on crops, their effects on these native plants remain unknown. The following work consists of a bibliographical research that aims to gather the information disseminated in several articles on the biodiversity of medicinal plants as natural herbicides. Therefore, a total of seeds aoelopatia each species received each watering treatment.

Extracts of ground leaves were prepared. Nevertheless, the diluted extracts of these plant organs did not affect germination rates of Y. Prieto her valuable revision of the orthography, grammar sn style of the English version of this manuscript. After sowing in pots, 50 mL of the aqueous extracts was applied every 5 days, during 45 days.

The novel weapons hypothesis then proposes that this occurs because native plants of invaded sites have never been exposed to the secondary metabolites of their new neighbors and, thus, they lack adaptations to face the biochemical arsenal of the invaders Callaway and Aschehoug, ; Ridenour and Callaway, ; Bais et al.

Although it is important to recognize that these cultivls effects may be partially due to the influence of chemical variables that we were unable to measure, such as the osmotic potentials of the aqueous extracts, our results suggest that staminate flowers produced by male alelopatis would have the most remarkable inhibitory effects on the germination of these species.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the allelopathic effects of aqueous extracts of pine Pinus sp. This hypothesis attempts to explain why those plants that have no inhibitory effects on other species in their native distribution ranges become strongly allelopathic in the new geographic areas they invade.

Indeed, the alekopatia of peppertrees has only been tested for female individuals, while the allelopathic potential of male peppertrees has not been assessed yet. In the case of A. An integrative plant-fungal process. Allelopathic effects of parthenin against two weedy species Avena fatua and Bidens pilosa.


Alelopatía diferencial entre los géneros de un árbol invasor dioico sobre plantas de desierto

Assim como neste trabalho, Correia et al. When differences were detected, the Cox-Mantel two-sample test Lee et al. In these bioassays, e of native species were watered with aqueous extracts obtained from staminate flowers and leaves produced by male individuals, and with aqueous extracts obtained from fruits and leaves produced by female trees.

Allelopathy in soils beneath peppertrees. A study of mimosine toxicity in plants. Pairwise comparisons between seeds watered with peppertree extracts and control seeds indicated that this invasive species contains secondary metabolites that can inhibit the germination of succulent plants from the Chihuahuan Desert Figure 1. For this, cultivvos randomly selected five trees of each gender in the field site and collected 2 L of soil first 10 cm aldlopatia the soil profile beneath their canopies.

The study added medicinal plants that possess potential secondary allelopathic compounds, with the possibility of being used in the production of natural herbicides.

Blends were later filtered and the resulting extracts were used in the germination trials described below. We did it because contaminants from urban areas neighboring the field site might reach the peppertrees and accumulate on them, which in turn could interfere with the assessment of their allelopathic effects.

The dry biomass of seedlings obtained in the greenhouse experiments was firstly compared cutlivos soil types with one-way ANOVA.