Abstract. JARAMILLO JARAMILLO, Daniel Francisco. SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE ANDIC PROPERTIES IN AN HYDROMORPHIC ANDISOL FROM THE. Colombia. Sánchez Espinosa, Jorge Alberto; Rubiano Sanabria, Yolanda. PROCESOS ESPECÍFICOS DE FORMACIÓN EN ANDISOLES, ALFISOLES Y. Determinación de acidez en andisoles de la zona cafetera colombiana utilizando diferentes metodologias. Article (PDF Available) in Acta.

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Group II is made by Bd and sand, a relationship that was significant in the Pearson correlation, showing that sand content influences Bd. Being the highest in altitude, it also has the highest levels of solar radiation and night frost. Spatial distribution and correlation of soil properties in a field: Spatial variability of soil physical properties in the field. The fit of Equation 2 was carried out by means of simple linear regression, with the program Curve Expert v.

Retrieved 2 November The direct relationship found between Bi and S 1 can equally be andixoles in maps obtained for these attributes. Contour maps confirm the existence of spatial variability of evaluated attributes Figure 2defined by heterogeneity and complexity that link hydrophysical attributes, among which size, form, and continuity of pores and of soil aggregates, which in turn determine the size and roots development Imhoff et al.

Pearson correlation of soil attributes. Mountain Research and Development.

Once it reaches this depth, there is a marked difference in the infiltration behavior, since in the infiltration determined with double rings the lateral flow of the internal ring is limited Youngs, Another important element to verify is the occurrence of the proportional effect between mean and variance of samples in space, since this effect allows estimating sills defined in semivariogram models.

Water Resources Research Furthermore, the CV is sensitive to sample distance and the number of samples: The nugget indicates the discontinuity among samples, which is to say the spatial variability not detected during the sampling process. Increases in temperature extremes are forcing many fauna and flora species to higher grounds, and eventually they could face extinction.

Journal of Hydrology The range represents the distance where this constant correlation is reached; indicating that on the basis of this distance there is no correlation among samples. This page was last edited on 25 Augustat Other common vegetation includes large and small shrubs, stunted trees, cushion plants, herbs, and rosette plants.


This situation is expressed by the low soil water content lower than the wilting colobia, according to data reported by Jaimes et al.

Infiltration tests were carried out for a period of min and continuously for each point, with standard double ring infiltrometers of 0.


Contour maps obtained by kriging of basic infiltration Asorptivity Bbulk density Csoil moisture Dand sand Colombkasilt Fand clay G contents. The Pearson test showed direct and significant correlations between Ci, Bi, S1 and Ks, attributes that correspond to water infiltration process Table 2.

It has continuous vegetation and plant cover with a “yellowish to olive—brown” look due to the combination of dead and living grasses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are diverse theoretical models that can co,ombia fit to the experimental semivariogram.

These authors affirm that this soil shows natural compaction processes of the soil aggregates, which justifies the high coloombia found for the bulk density Bdwhose reported values are less enn a study carried out in the rainy season of the same region Jaimes et al.

Porosity characterization of Argiudolls under different colomgia systems in the Argentine Flat Pampa. Effect of tillage and water pressure head on the hydraulic properties of a loamy soil surface. The attribute that showed the least coefficient andisole determination R 2 was silt, with a value of 0. An analysis was performed through descriptive statistics taking into consideration all the attributes under study, in order to determine behavior, dispersion, and data distribution tendency, by means of the calculation of mean, median, maximum, minimum, skewness, kurtosis, and coefficient of variation CVincluding the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.

Descriptive statistics of soil physical attributes. Sorptivity and algebraic infiltration equations. Moreover, under conditions of soil moisture content at the time of testing infiltration as well as by natural compaction processes, allow to verify the presence of macropores is low and the incidence of repellency affected the lack spatial dependence of these attributes Sepaskhah et al.

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Geostatistics for environmental scientists. Spatial variability of infiltration and its relationship to some physical properties. In sequence, contour maps offer the possibility of identifying soil sectors where greater or lesser water deficit exists, as a function of the hydrodynamic parameters Bi and S1, with which the conditions of management of the time and water layers application can be optimized, as well as the frequency of irrigation, which can diminish production costs, at the same time as the presence of degrading processes would be diminished, especially the formation of surface run-off, when one decides to supply a uniform irrigation layer.


Geostatistics in soil science: In the same way, a direct relationship between clay and Sm can be observed, and an inverse one between sand and Sm, which indicates that a high clay content, greater soil moisture, and thus the greater capacity for water storage. Southern Ecuador and northern Peru experience the most severe dryness as they are influenced by an air mass from the Amazon Basin, which releases its moisture on the eastern slopes, as well as another air mass from the west that is influenced by the Humboldt Current.

Ponded infiltration from a single ring: In the absence of use of other tools for a better estimate, the characterization of soil attributes is done using measures of location mean, median, minimum and maximumdispersion coefficient of variation – CV and shape skewness and kurtosis. Nuestro patrimonio – tesoros de Colombia – Our heritage – treasures of Colombia in Spanish. Recognition of the variability leads to reevaluating the conventional soil management in agricultural production, which assumes a homogeneous behavior of the soil attributes, and general recommendations are used.

The sand, silt and clay contents present the ranges reported by Ramirez-Lopez et al. Usually Ks and S1 exhibit similar tendency Abrisqueta et al.

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El muestreo se realizo en una malla rectangular de 64 puntos, con distancias perpendiculares de 52 m x 45 m entre puntos de muestreo. The Andes also play a key role in the climate of these regions as they cause an orographic uplift in which moist air rises. The low correlation shown by Sm in the attribute of infiltration studied is noteworthy, in that S 1 was the only attribute that showed a significant correlation with Sm.

The exponential and Gaussian models are applied when the spatial dependence shows a continuous growth in proportion to the distance between the observations, where the spatial dependence vanishes at a distance that tends toward the infinite. Applications of soil physics. Results suggest a behavior of parameters close to normal, attributes related to soil water movement had greater variability, with low basic infiltration 1.

Reptiles include lizards of the genera StenocercusPhenacosaurusand Proctoporus.