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Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Monday, 31 December at Excel spreadsheets have been too difficult to develop or too cumbersome to maintain. And they certainly aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as some professional packages.

I know of one website and one software developer working on tech analysis software tailored to the NSE, but aptitock the meantime, you can work with AptiStock kudos to naijadr for the hook-up.

It’s free software you can download here: Deselect all the listed markets unless you wish to use the software to monitor any of the listed markets. In your windows explorer go to C: Please let us know if you have data tutorizl back even further.

Note this file is only valid till Jan 02, I will post updated files once a week starting next week. Download the file here http: You can find it here and it contains instructions for use. Repeat the import process when you get new data and it will append new data to existing stocks. It will also create new symbols for new stocks Titorial Your data is now loaded. Some charts will come up.

To change the type of chart, select the triangle next to VOL and a aptlstock of available curves will pop up.

Select one and choose “replace”. A brief tutorial on each indicator is even displayed! If you are new to tech analysis, please download and read the following investopedia article. I intended for this thread to be a resource for getting people up and running ONLY.

Submit new tutorial, hint, tip or guide for AptiStock

I’d like to keep it short so things are easy to find. If you have any questions about a particular stock even if it is a technical questionplease go to the most popular thread on nairaland and you’ll get an answer.


Easibaba – you are da bomb. Aptisfock are a real treasure, really. I recently deleted Aptistock from my pc.

Freewares | Tips | Tricks | Guide | Resources | Tutorials: AptiStock

I just couldn’t get it to work. I turned to Metastock, but that required verification. Now with your wonderful tutorial I can boldly venture back into Apitstock. Thanks ever so much. Easimoni My Oga thanks for this trend, i am finding it difficult uploading into Aptistock or is it not Vista compliance, if so is there a solution for this?

Nice weekend aptistodk vibes i got from other thread is that aptistock is not Vista compliant. From what is happening on some stock on NSE at the moment, you wouldnt touch some stock with a barge pole from their TA databut these are the xptistock doing very well albeit 4 now. Yello, Can someone aptisrock help me with the data file, cos i cant download it from megaupload, the site is blocked in my country.

Yello, Can someone kindly help me with the data file, because i can’t download it from megaupload, the site is blocked in my country. Tanx Spell out your email addy and I email the file to you after I update it on Friday. Nice weekend It works fine on my vista machine.

AptiStock Tutorial – Tutorials

The loading data session never seems to end but if you abort it, it seems to have loaded the data just fine. The charts will work okay. Can you please explain how to set the aptistick and oversold lines using RSI http: Thanks alot bro, is good to have people like u in niraland, thanks for taking at of your preciuos time to add to peoples life.

Still looking for someone with data that pre-dates April I have data that goes to Dec but its too big to upload here. Not too sure of the process for uploading into megaupload but will check it out. I also found out that the help files in Metastock and aptistock are quite elaborate on explaining the indicators. Will upload some pdf i got too. If atpistock have issues, let me know. Maybe you can email it to me and I’ll “megaupload” it.


Should be useful stuff. Will send the stuff to you today. Mine is man4jiro yahoo. Gents, I have uploaded some files for your benefit PDF about market Indicators basically investopedia http: Hi guys, Check out the the technical analysis tool on nigeriansecurities. They have data as far back as and you dont have to worry about updating daily tutoria for aptistock if you have gotten aptistock to work. Unfortunately i have not been able to get aptistock to work making this timely.

I can at least now focus on using the aptjstock instead of trying to make them tuorial. They have data as far back as and you don’t have to worry rutorial updating daily data for aptistock if you have gotten aptistock to work.

I can at least now focus on using the indicators instead of trying to make them work Thanks: You never know when these guy might change their mind aptistlck free usage. Man Jiro, thanks for the work and the links. Also agree per your comments; it’s only a matter of time before they ask for money for the non-basic versions. Still it failed to list NNSE under “files” in the lefthand tab.

Can you help me out here? If not, you need to. Did you go through the import process?

AptiStock 2.02

You can’t just copy the NNSE. Message 3 on this thread describes how to import the CSV file into Aptistock. Have u done that? If you have respond and I’ll think of something else. See How To Advertise.