Address. Xochimilco, Distrito Federal, Mexico La Rockola Xochimilco Muchas gracias a Marcos por el apoyo y por dejarnos armar nuestro relajo. construye tu video rockola pdf merge. Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for construye tu video rockola pdf merge. Will be grateful for any. KIT ARMADO MANDOS USB 2 PLAYER 20 CONEXIONES SISTEMA DE JUEGOS ROCKOLA DE MURO 80 x40 MODIFICADA PANTALLA DE 22″ MAS .

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Displays the information concerning the last 30 inputs through the bill acceptor. As soon as one game is played at least, the setting variation is disabled. Five in Any Position. Total amount of all adds to the credit in the game process. The data on this page can be cleared by pushing and holding down BET push-button for more than 5 seconds.

construye tu video rockola pdf merge

If you open three or more Moon symbols you will receive 20 free games. Quantity and the date of the last opening of the back door. The setting can be changed only after PCB initialization. If the symbols on one of the reel-eyes and in sector where the lamp stops coincide you will receive the win.


Reels will start rotating. The error will be corrected after program initialization init machine. Percentage is calculated by the formula: Last date of main parameters change. Some of them can be set only prior to the first game start-up, then they are disabled till the following initialization.

In the case you need to switch off the gambling machine, it is recommended to do this during player’s absence. Setting on the system pages permissions and passwords. Quantity and the date of the last clearing of short statistics. Joker replaces all symbols in its position. If failed you lose the win.

Best Slot Machines Mohegan Sun – Slot Machine Winning Fruit

The game will be in auto mode till the bonus appears. Number and date of the last clearing of long statistics. You will have 3 shots to open scrolls with wins, for this purpose, push START push-button when the arrow is over the scroll chosen by you.

Date of the last short statistics review. If you open a box with the gorilla, the game will be over, and the wins from open boxes will be transferred to admar credit.


Code 4 – password fault. Total amount of deductions to the external jackpot.

Joker replaces all symbols except Magician symbol. The setting can be changed only after machine initialization. If the three-coloured mode indicator towerlight is hooked up to the gambling machine, then: If there were no credits before cutting-out of the gambling machine, it should switch into the demo mode after power-up.

Three in Any Position. The win will increased more than twice in the last step of the risk-game, and you would receive the comfortable sum.

How To Use Slot Machines In Las Vegas

This page is intended for setting the total parameters for all games. To cancel push any push-button. If you get equal wins they will double.

If you open three or more Joker symbols you will receive 10 free games. It is possible to test the push-buttons and the lamps in this mode.

The amount and date of the last external jackpot paid out.