Profesinė komunikacija teminiame bibliotekininkystės tinklaraštyje: atvejo analizė . Zinaida Manžuch. Straipsnyje aptariami naujos komunikacijos priemonės. BENDRUOMENĖS DALYVAVIMAS SAVIVALDOS PROCESUOSE: VIETOS BENDRUOMENĖS ATVEJO ANALIZĖ. Pacientų požiūris į psichikos dienos stacionaro teikiamas paslaugas: atvejo analizė. Thumbnail. View. Author. Šulskienė, Rasa.

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Based on the means of self-representation that were identified during content analysis, further research was carried out. Institutional Repository of Kaunas University of Technology: The findings suggested that the blog only partly was used for professional communication purposes. The study revealed that the indications of hyper ego – striving to dominate in every field, is more typical of a high level impact users.

Šeimos narių sąvokos neapibrėžtumas baudžiamajame procese : tos pačios lyties asmenų atvejo analizė

Darbe taikytas kokybinis atvejo tyrimo metodas. Professional Communication in the Topical Librarianship Blog: However, the early patterns of professional communication, such as the focus on professional identity issues and knowledge sharing practices, emerged. During the qualitative research, there was revealed the main positive factors the changes of the family status, the leisure activities, the support of the family and the negative factors the disturbance of the general health, the restricted work activity that impacted the changes of the fullness of life.

The analysis of relevant literature revealed, that ‘the most important means of identity formation in social networking are social networking software, interaction, self-representation and social capital.

Informacijos mokslai Summary The patterns of professional communication in the topical librarianship blog are explored in the paper.

Atvejo analizė by Justyna Kropaite on Prezi

In the study, there is included a woman who has suffered a severe brain injury during the accident. The aim of this thesis is to find out by what means and how the users of the social networks form their identities in different media channels. Thus, the results of the study confirmed the hypothesis and enabled to develop a model for personal identity formation in social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram which shows how multiple identity is split in different media channels.


The self-sufficiency of changes of the woman has been influenced by the early rehabilitation.

In order to overcome the limitations of previous research, the concept of professional communication was discussed and used as a guidance for interpreting findings of the empirical research. However, it was also consistent with the results of previous research of the librarianship blog, indicating the low activeness of users.

The research methodology was based on the analysis of features of blogs as a communication medium and different research approaches. The data of Barthel index, from the end of the early rehabilitation analze – 40 points to the last repeated rehabilitation 5 years after injury in pointsmore highlighted the efficiency of the repeated rehabilitation.

Self-representation was monitored through images and text information in 24 user profiles of 4 social network platforms: The fullness of life of the women is disturbed and the most atvejk impact on overall health, which restricted the work activity. The research data collection method – individual deep interview, observation, analysis of the medical epicrisis. Digital social networks supply favorable conditions to create a multiple personality – hyper ego.

The analysis of scientific literature and netnography method were employed to achieve the goal of this thesis. This thesis is based on identity formation in social networks. Barthel index during the period of the early rehabilitation from the acute to the recovery period increased by 35 points.

In most cases, available research worldwide tends to be descriptive and narrowly oriented at information sharing practices. It was observed after the attendance of the repeated rehabilitation, during the period of five years after injury.

Another notable blog usage tendency was the low activeness of its users, expressed in scarce commenting and posting activities.

During the early rehabilitation, from the acute to the conversion period, there is observed the significant increase in the self-sufficiency, which is demonstrated by the fixed variation of Barthel index from 5 to 40 points.


The xtvejo impact of topical blogs on the development of professional communities, knowledge and experience sharing, and learning is widely aknowledged. The positive factors, such as changes of the social family situation, and the leisure activities, provides to the woman the hope, the positive thoughts and the strength to cling to life.

It could be partly explained as a typical behaviour of users at the early stages of blog existence. Low impact level users are more likely to create the illusion by using visual communication.

Finally, the value of the blog for researching professional communication issues was identified; however, it is still absent in library and information science publications. The digital media has an increasing impact on modern society. Social networks have become a part of popular culture, while at the same time — a way for human self-representation.

It was concluded that the novelty of blogs as media and the emerging blog communication culture may be pre-requisites of the slow integration of this technology into professional communication practices.

The hypothesis was raised stating that social networking users create illusory multiple identities in different social media channels. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Professional communication was not sufficiently visible at the initial stage of blog existence. During the repeated rehabilitation, during the period of five years after injury Barthel index from to increased from 40 to points.

Tapatybės paieškos skaitmeninėje kultūroje: socialinių tinklų atvejo analizė

During the later period of the treatment, there was observed the signs of the patient self-sufficiency and the increasing of the independence. In the work, there is applied the qualitative case study method. According to traditional theories, identity is a social construct, therefore the afvejo examined how identity is formed in the social networking space.