audioXpress January Inside This Issue · Supplemental Material · Digital Login. Voice Coil December Inside This Issue · Digital Login. Trending. Please note! We do not make coils wound on plastic bobbins due to risk of microphony, nor do we use ferrite cored coils that saturate abruptly. All Jantzen coils. audioXpress 1. Horn Theory: An Introduction, Part 1. By Bjørn Kolbrek. This author presents a two-part introduction to horns—their definition, features.

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Four Hybrid Solid-State Power Amplifiers

Third, the tubes will audioxprees neither excessive audikxpress or noise, as the symmetrically-loaded cathode follower is linear and it nulls the opposing power-supply-rail noise at its output.

Continue Shopping Checkout Now. The project started with a clean sheet, looking to address potentiometer design with a quality that rivaled existing designs while maintaining a reasonable cost. It consists of two identical but separate amps laid out on the same PCB. The author describes a microphone amplifier designed to interface a standard dynamic microphone to a soundcard or other computer microphone input with a 5V through 2. A temperature sensor and over-temperature shut-down capability are also included.

Yet this variation will perform in an almost identical fashion to the original topology, as the same AC voltage relationships exist. High-quality, double-sided, extra thick, 2-oz traces, plated-through holes, dual sets of resistor audiocpress and pads for two coupling capacitors.

audioXpress | audioXpress Magazine. Advancing the Evolution of Audio Technology – Since

If only they made a dB efficient loudspeaker. There are much easier, simpler, cooler ways to build a good hybrid amplifier.


The differential line receiver uses precisely matched resistors to measure voltage differences across its two inputs. This article was originally published in audioXpress, February October 3, by Ward Maas. This means that as we tug negatively at the input, the amplifier output goes audioxprrss and as we tug positively at the input, the amplifier output goes positive.

While the program’s main concern is active filters, solid-state and tube, it also does passive auxioxpress. August 20, by Charles Hansen. Already with an impressive line of new products introduced throughoutParasound ended the year with the announcement of its NewClassic Pre, a moderately priced analog audio preamplifier and DAC with outstanding sound quality, excellent connectivity, and versatility.

In other words, the pentode is run as a pentode, not a triode-connected pentode. Now, 70mA against an output impedance of 0. This article was originally published audioxprezs audioXpress, August These are replacement light bulbs for your seat heater switches see pictures. Speed up your crossover prototyping and preserve your crossover components with this true plug-and-play approach.

Most of them show these audio beauties audixpress in the push-pull configuration in order to obtain the greatest efficiency and the most power output. And in spite of the New Economy’s dictum that the consumer is king, the kingdom the consumer inherits is not entirely his.


Want to know which of the topics and stories published online in were the most popular? And if not, why bother with the original? Any variation in current conduction through the tube is superimposed on its plate resistor, which in turn will create a variation in voltage drop across the plate resistor, which will be captured by the INA differential line receiver.


My concern, however, is with topology and circuit functioning, not audio product reviews. The WSOF is built on an injection-molded eight-spoke frame that supports an unusual rectangular housing.

Like all NewClassic products, the model Pre represents a new generation of affordable, high performance audio products from Parasound. All items in category Project Articles. These criteria are simply two faces of the same coin. And Samplitude now supports CPUs with up to 32 cores!

The Audio Voice Newsletter. July 23, by Joe D’Appolito. Now, the most the consumer king can aspire to is an exultant and impeccable consumption, a consumption as extravagant as his bank account allows and as correct as the experts, engineers and designers, vouchsafe.

December 28, by audioXpress Staff. May 28, by Mark Driedger. All items in category Audioxpresx News. If the tube does not act on an input signal, the solid-state power amplifier remains oblivious to the signal.

December 27, by audioXpress Staff. Click on the audiodpress below to see the full screen capture. And his amplifier does seem to have a lot going for it: The above schematic shows a misstep, as the constant-current source makes a poor substitute for the triode and cathode resistor, as I discovered after running a few SPICE simulations.