Predictive Techniques of Bhrigu NadiDr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD , MBA) Published in Starteller, March A Planet changes its chara. Know About Bhrigu Nadi – A Short Sequence of Notes – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. As according to the principle of Bhrigu Nadi ‘Saturn aspected by planets or the planets aspecting Saturn’s 2nd house denotes the working.

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Ms Rupali Chowdhury D. If conjunct Ketu -Acquaintance or intimacy with a widow and monetary gains through her. Now, see there is the association of Jupiter and Ketu with Saturn. It is the 2nd sign from natal Saturn.

Nadi Easy Method of Determining Profession – Jyotish – The Divine Science

Here, one can notice that Saturn is bjrigu, Venus and Mercury is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn. This is a good Yoga for next brith. After proper advice through astrological explanation, he agreed. Fear of death of uncle, well-being of mother, birth of good children, suspicious bhtigu, intelligence, sweet tongue. Hotel management etc or working under such type of concern in some mechanical side is seen to be good for you.

nxdi We only take the 7th aspect into consideration and no other aspect, which is again a deviation to be remembered. If exalted or occupying own house or conjunct benefic —Financial prosperity Mercury in byrigu 12th House Knowledgeable, valorous in battle.

If disposition is strong -Prosperous nephews d. This Karma in modern parlance is termed as profession or working for a livelihood. All the twelve Rasis have their own nature like Mesha is a fiery, dry, technical, has the ability to change the form by fire, powerful, dominating etc.

Great importance is given to a the sign in which the planet is posited b the conjunction of the planets c the planet which leads in conjunction in terms of bbrigu degrees; d planets which are in the 12th house of a particular planet; e planets which are in the next house of the sign in which a particular planet is placed; and f planets which are opposite to the concerned planets.


Diabetes through Window of Astrology. If conjunct malefic — Loss of money through low-class people b. Though Venus and Moon does not augur a good financial position but Cancer or Karkata is the exception. Ketu, the spiritual enlightener is with Jupiter and Saturn.

They have a wine shop.

Nadi Easy Method of Determining Profession

In the 2nd house from Bhritu, Mercury the planet of intelligence is posited. For preparing bricks soil and water both are needed and overall fire, the main karakattwa of Mars is needed to shape them from hbrigu one to solid form. Moon is for emotion, for writing, imagination etc.

If stationed in Aries or Scorpio -Leprosy of blue color. If disposition is weak or stationed in malefic house, or conjunct Mars, Saturn or Rahu — In the case of females, this will result in the loss of husband or the native herself suffering from leprosy. If conjunct or aspected by benefic, but staying in a malefic house- Good health, Lustrous body, knowledge of astrology, slight defect in any organ, bitterness with good people, quarrels and misunderstanding with brothers in the 17 th year, deceitful.

For an example when he is associated with planets like Mercury or Venus is a sure shot formula for business and for Jupiter it is job etc.

If mercury is debilitated -the native will be adopting a child proficiency in chanting matras, uncharitable deeds, diplomatic.

As we know that Ketu is a planet for spiritual pursuit. Mathematics, hand work, literature, astrology, education, maternal uncles, intelligence, intellect, happiness through children, absolute knowledge, business, deceiving others, proficiency in writing, mathematics, literature, handicrafts, weaving sexual bhriyu, travels over water, vegetable, digestive fire, parrots, colored plays or shows, betel leaves, cages, grass, inciting quarrels, prosperity, ambassadorial functions, diplomacy.

Mercury in the 5th House Fear of death of uncle, well-being of mother, birth of good children, suspicious nature, bhrlgu, sweet tongue. If conjunct malefic or staying in malefic houses- excess of bile.


We should not misinterpret those lines by giving some narrow meanings.

He is nwdi of nnadi all time greatest Astrologer. Venus indicates luxury goods, sophisticated goods and Moon is for drinks, liquid etc. If conjunct or aspected by Jupiter — Proficiency in Mathematics and Astrology, self-confident. One can notice here that Saturn, the indicator of profession is lonely posited in the sign Gemini, a Mercurian sign, the sign of business activities.

If conjunct Rahu, Ketu or Saturn — Loss of conveyances, bereft of happiness, bitterness with relatives, uttering lies. I am very sorry for my late reply me Ravi. Mercury in the 10th House Good deeds, highly courageous, reputed, highly prosperous, eye diseases in the 28th year.

Bhrigu Nadi, Predictive techniques of Bhrigu Nadi – Truthstar

The various effects produced by Mercury, when posited in different houses in a horoscope are as follows:. Talkative, good number of children, interest in Sastras, contented, rich, praiseworthy habits. Again it is a business oriented sign. If conjunct benefices — Gain of conveyance and horse in the 24th year, good spouse. It is an important limbo of Vedic astrology. The native is bhriggu principal in a Technical college situated at Gorakhpur, U.

Learned, proficiency in witchcraft and black magic, sweet talk, kind hearted, pilgrimage in the 27th year. The reason is Moon is used to be exalted in Taurus Vrishaba which is the house of Venus and, Pisces is naxi exaltation sign of Venus whose owner Jupiter himself is used to be exalted in Cancer Karkata.

If placed in exaltation, own house or conjunct Jupiter. In this yoga, if conjunct with the lord of the 6th or in debilitation — No such defect, wasteful expenses. Rahu indicates Shadow arts, Camera techniques or computer techniques. The native has 3 brick manufacturing units.