Nazgob paints the 3rd Edition plastic orcs step by step in his Painting by numbers If you want to illustrate a playbook, you can use a Blood Bowl play creator. Orcs are one of the most widely played races in all of Blood Bowl. Probably First let’s take a look at the most accepted and widely used starting Orc roster. Blood Bowl Ork Playbook. We are green, we are mad; We are mean, you are dead!:) by airfix in orc, playbook, and Ork.

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Stand Firm suits Blitzers very nicely as they have the AG and MA to exploit its dodging ability and can make pretty good use of its other effect too. But Block is the main thing don’t let it fool you into thinking your Troll is actually reliable though!

Dunk puts down his sword and picks up a football. Maiming isn’t Everything Gaixo.

One tip against a fast opponent that is really determined to run you ragged and string boel out: Here, in fact, we hit the first of our common pitfalls: My problem is that if I use five guys to form a cage, this protects the ball carrier but allows my opponent to pretty much cover the rest of the pitch however he chooses. Standard Lineup with Troll: It’s Orc Throwers who represent doubtful value for money.

Thanks mate, I added the follower gadget.

Cage Basics

Moving laterally across the pitch and keeping the ball safe can often be the best move. If you check the diagram you can see that the Dwarf cage is full separated from the opposing team. Blackhandsaint December 14, at 6: Orcs have many; orcc, highly armoured Linemen, under-priced Blitzers who are the core of the team, up to four Black Orc Blockers to provide considerable muscle to the roster, a Troll and even some Goblins to use as catchers or to make up the numbers.


A Primer Jeffery Steege 4. Even if it’s very unlikely you can score in a single turn, it’s still better then no chance at all in desperate situations.

olaybook The Trodden Path Tom Picard. I will give my general defensive strategy here then delve into specific matchup later. Kick is a good idea on the Thrower, thanks.

Blood Bowl PlayBook :: Orcs

Elves are agile but lightly armoured, Dwarfs are slow but good at blocking and Orcs? Hi would be really cool to see an article on how to break cages as well… i see you have extensive Dark Elf advice, which brought me here! This should have been covered on this page ages ago – but better late than never! Orc Playbook by Carl Brown Games Workshop No matter what team you use when playing Blood Bowl you quickly notice that each team has its own strengths and weaknesses.

All are reliable and formidable. This means setting up deep. Orcs have been playing Blood Bowl since the game was invented, and teams such bkood the Gouged Eye and Orcland Raiders are amongst the most succesful in the league. Not really essential to a competitive team, but they are fine for you th player.

As you can see there are multiple starting rosters that Orcs can field. Yeah, cages seem very situational. Forming a cage seems to be synonymous with allowing my opponent the run of the field.

Blood Bowl PlayBook – Orcs

If you’re playing Orcs right, you won’t need it to win in the first place, and any end of half one-turn drive bloodd better spent blocking, fouling and getting a cheap completion. On doubles, I would go with Guard first followed by Dodge. Out of curiosity, what would the diagram look like during the next turn?

Coach December 17, at 2: On Doubles, Block is the way to go. Lineorcs are the exemplary lineman. Always have one goblin on hand if you got a troll. The other way is a player with Stunty who ignores the tacklezones due to being small, though they will be low strength so less of a threat for the actual hit. I’ll get the results up, when I have the time, and you’ll have helped olaybook figure out what is gospel and what is nonsense.


I will happily sit back for turns and bang with my Blitzers and Black Orcs until I am comfortable making a cage or forced to.

Eight positional players have access to strength and general skills making them playblok to develop and juggernauts at mid TV. Orcs are the most straight forward team in Blood Bowl. It fits neatly into 1, TV and offers the safety of 3 rerolls and all necessary positional players.

ClawPOMB: Blood Bowl Orc Strategy Guide

Later a specialist Blitzer can take this skill as noted above. Use excess money on Stars and Wizards since doing this will make it harder to get games, join Smacks and other tournaments or just save it for a rainy day.

You’re also more than welcome to rate any of these playbooks from 5 being best llaybook email. Coach January 26, at 9: Razzastuta December 29, at 6: So, before you even use your double, you need to have a plan which will allow you to get something extra out of it which the above won’t do.

Sure Hands is a nuffle send for AG 3 teams, and although Pass should not be used often, it opens up a different avenue of attack if your cage gets bogged down- or you need to score quickly in a pinch.

Orcs are not particularly quick, so careful positioning is required.