As part of the revalidation process, midwives are required to undertake 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD), of which Find out how Ulster’s short courses can support your personal and of these courses are recognised by professional bodies and meet CPD requirements. Join over 4, students who have graduated from Ulster University with an online degree or short course qualification – eLearning courses offer flexibility.

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Factors that influence teaching and learning Variables which affect a teaching situation Factors affecting Learning Proving support for the teacher when planning and evaluating learning activities Research and prepare the plans 6992 learning activities Planning and evaluating learning activities Appropriate and timely feedback following learning activities The importance of feedback fpd pupils The importance of feedback on teaching The role of the teaching assistant when giving feedback Contributing to teachers and pupils records.

Leeds Language Academy believes that a good teacher onine one that aims to always improve their skills and learn more about teaching. Modelling appropriate language with the learner The stages of speaking and listening skills development Encourage learners to use speaking and listening skills correctly Non-standard English and the importance of respecting its use The range and purpose of different types of questions The school policy for speaking and listening Learning objectives for speaking and listening.

eLearning at Ulster University

Our institute partners with a number of educational companies and universities and offers pathway options to leading universities in Australia. The CPD Certification provides proof of your efforts to upskill and develop your abilities with invaluable expertise.

50 this course you can build on omline knowledge by learning how to provide the best possible professional support within the classroom setting. Australia’s leader in healthcare education, Health Careers provides you with the skills and knowledge to get ahead in your career.

Explore effective methods of supporting literacy development, including reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Ongoing – contact us today for the next intake dates. Provide individual support and care for pupils Factors that influence teaching and learning Provide comfort, care and encouragement for pupils Encourage co-operation with groups and achieve target Immediate care for accidents and ailments Procedures and Policy The signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses.

Students can learn the online theory at their own pace, through self directed learning, and can gain practical exposure in simulation labs or through classroom sessions. The roles and responsibilities of other professionals who support pupils educational development How to promote and foster positive relationships with other professionals noline support pupils educational development How to onlime effectively to activities with other professionals How to promote and foster positive relationships with the parents How to involve the parents The type of information that could be shared with their parents The school procedures relating to other professionals and parents Procedures relating to other professionals.


Postgraduate Our postgraduate short courses are offered in a range of subject areas for professional development and career enhancement. Support the teacher in delivering learning activities Use learning materials appropriately Assist pupils in following instructions and keeping on task Encourage pupils to work independently How to encourage and support independent learning Set realistic targets for pupils Monitor the responses of pupils to learning activities Recognise difficulties and problems that may occur when supporting learning activities Seek assistance onllne the teacher if necessary.

For further information on our courses, please contact our sales and support at support e-careers. Apply information How to apply Research students Global students Your rights and obligations. Passing exams is just one part of school life. Some courses also involve a supervised practical placement component in a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Get up to speed with the latest national curriculum and how learning activities are planned and delivered.


Develop personal, professional skills and knowledge, enhance your employability and facilitate career progression by completing a short course at Ulster University. We offer education for those seeking first-time healthcare training, as well as those already in the field who are seeking to up-skill or re-skill themselves.

Learn more about how we use your data. Onoine a teaching assistant you will become a valued and important member of school staff both by helping the class teacher plan and deliver lessons and by working 62 with children. The responsibilities of teaching and support staff in a school for learners with special educational needs Resources and equipment available in the school for for learners with special educational needs Individual onlinne plans The school guidelines on confidentiality.

Enhance your job prospects in a rewarding career with the long holidays and convenient hours that make a good work life balance a reality rather than a distant daydream!

Onlime school policy and procedure for mathematics Strategies to support literacy development The appropriate terminology and language relating to number The ojline of number skills development The variety of factors that may affect number skills development Strategies to support number skills development The relevance and importance of mental calculation skills How calculators can help in the development of number skills The learning objectives for number.

Why should I do an online courses with Leeds Language Academy?

We partner with a number of training institutions in Australia and globally to provide healthcare education in different parts of the globe. This is a quick summary of pricing and eligibility information.

Our postgraduate short courses are offered in a range of subject areas for professional development and career enhancement. The school, its mission statement and general context The members of the school governing body and their collective and individual responsibilities The school’s staff structure and the variety of responsibilities undertaken Staff guidance policies and procedures General school policies and procedures The purpose of the school development plan and its relevance to the teaching assistant’s role.

The course will cover: The role and responsibilities of the teaching assistant in supporting colleagues The principles of effective communication The school procedures for handling difficulties with colleagues The school policies relating to confidentiality The school, LEA, and national policies relating to equality of opportunity.


There are installment plans available for students funding the course them self. Transitions Primary to Secondary School. Writing for different purposes The stages of writing skills development Correct letter formation and correct handwriting indicators A variety of spelling strategies The school policy and procedures relating to writing How to access and use writing and spelling resources The national test for writing Learning objectives for writing.

All nurses and midwives in Australia are required to keep up with current trends and advancements in the nursing profession, and proof of continuing professional development units is critical for re-registration every year.

The stages of skills development relating to the understanding of measures, shape and space How to assist learners in developing an understanding of measures, shape and space Strategies and methods used in developing an understanding of measures, shape and space Correct terminology and how to use it appropriately when supporting the understanding of measures, shape and space The type of appropriate equipment and resources available.

Course brochure Full prices and payment plans How online learning works. Do you have what it takes? The responsibilities of the different teams operating within the school The roles within each team The correct procedures for discussion and decision-making during team meetings How to contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings Respecting and valuing the contributions of other team members.

Job Placement Assistance We connect you with a number of companies and job providers, and give you a hand to land your dream job. It currently offers vocational education courses and continuing professional development programs from campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and through its partnerships internationally Who is it for?

Squared Online Course| Digital Marketing Qualification| Marketing Training

What we’ll send you: Invest in this course today to unlock the door to a fantastic and flexible new career as a teaching assistant. Once you have accumulated 60 credits, you will be awarded an undergraduate Certificate in Continuing Personal and Professional Development.

Organising and maintaining classroom environment Use learning materials, resources and equipment effectively, appropriately and safely How learning materials, resources and equipment can help children’s learning The availability and location of safety equipment School work displays.

We connect you with a number of companies and job providers, and give you a hand to land 50 dream job.

Explore effective methods of supporting development of numeracy skills in the classroom, including number skills and problem solving and data handling, as well as supporting the understanding of measures, shape and space. We oonline quality industry healthcare training and knowledge partnership to help your business grow and excel.

Learn about best practice for supporting children with special educational needs.