However, it will serve as an excellent review of the CSTE Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) which consists of the ten skill categories listed below. Sample. Intro Calculate Your CSQA CBOK Competency Rating. (CMSQ) Software Testers • Certified Software Tester (CSTE) • Certified Manager of Software. The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification is intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through.

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CSTE Results can be found on the following location: Welcome to Geeks with Blogs.

Generic Reverse and Re-Engineering Generic. Comments on this post: Can you help me out for the study materials required for the preparation. From where I will get the proper study materials? Left by Ramprasanth on Jun 07, 9: From where can I get the good study materials?

For prepation how much time is needed? Left by Anil on Oct 10, 4: I am working as a SQA Lead just for the past 5 months and i am planning to persue my career in this quality field in a much stronger base by completing CSQA.

CSTE Certification Prep Course

So, i am confused to proceed with my preparations. Can any one help in this regard Please!!

Left by Praveena Seshadri on Dec 07, 1: HAi I am interested in CSTE, can you tell me from where I can pursue its training and how and where to appear csre the examinations and what is the total certfication fees?

One can send me the details on: Left by Vaibhav on Feb 28, 2: Left by software tester on Mar 19, 3: My Email Id is: Left by Shruti Ujjwal on Mar dbok, 2: Hi, could u plz send cste cbok soft copy to my mail id.

Left by Anil Kumar on Apr 08, Hi, could any one send cbok soft copy to my mail id Mail: Left by Yuvarajan on May 03, 9: I am urgently needed to take up the exam. Left by Girish K R on May 05, 9: My email id is seemasuresh yahoo. Left by Seema on May 22, 1: Left by darccii on May 22, 5: Left by Raj on Jun 09, 4: Left by Anitha on Jun 28, 3: Left by Murali on Jul 12, 8: Can u please send me the soft copy of CSQA material and let me know the procedure for taking up test, passing percentage, no of questions asked in exams and all… to jbalan rediffmail.


Left by Jay on Jul 14, 9: Left by Amol on Jul 18, Left by tecbhard on Jul 19, 6: Thanks in advance for your help. Left by sonia on Jul 19, My email id is soniakarsh yahoo.

Please help me out. Left by Mohan Adi on Aug 01, 4: Left by Padmanabhan on Aug 29, cbokk Can anyone please send me a copy of CBoK to this id. Left by Raj on Aug 31, 5: Will someone please send me the soft copy of the CSQA material. Left by Reginald on Aug 31, 4: Left by Mahnoor on Sep 13, 2: I really require it urgently. Left by Sai Krishna on Sep 19, 6: Cstd, I just started my career in IT.

Can you help me out for the study materials required for the cset Left by Ayesha N on Sep 26, Left by Srimaan on Oct 05, 2: Left by Lakshmi on Oct 10, 1: Can someone pls send me the soft copy of the CSTE material.

I gonna do this test in cbol. Left by Lise on Oct 20, 4: Left by Srinivas Kassa on Nov 02, I plan to take the test on 24th march.

Left by manish on Nov 29, 4: If you have it or know where I can get it, please send the info to my email: Thank you much in advance!

Left by Chu Nguyen on Dec 12, 3: Left by Gene on Dec 13, 9: Plz send the same grover. Left by Sudha on Feb 17, 8: Thanks in advance to the helpful one!!! Left by ruth patrick on Apr 20, Can anybody plz send the softcopy of CBOK on my mail. I will be highly grateful. Left by Ankur Agarwal on Apr 23, 9: Can anybody plz send the softcopy of CBOK to my mail.


My e-mail id is ankurkkagarwal rediffmail. Can some one please help me to find the study material and the links where I can take the exam.

Left by TFR on May 08, Hey, Is anyone reallly sending you guys the reading material?? Thanks, Dodo pohutukawa04 yahoo. Left by Deeb on May 10, Left by tchmenot cok May 21, 4: I am taking CSTE exam in june can any one guide me with any material Left by lavanya on May 22, Hunting around for it Would be of gr8 help if someone mails across to ash4me gmail. Left by ash on Jun 03, 4: Please send me CSTE study material and the process to be followed to apply for the examination.

Left by Usha on Jun 07, 5: I will be really thankful.

Download – CSTE CBOK – PDF Drive

Left by Gaurav on Jun 19, Can some one please send me the material for CSTE. Left by Senthil on Jun 21, 9: Left by ganesh on Jun 23, 3: Can you help me out for the study materials required for the preparation?

Please email me at ravijam yahoo. Left by Ravi on Jul 02, 4: Left by priya on Jul 04, Left by kishori on Jul 06, 6: Left by Prasanna on Jul 11, 1: Please send me the CSQA study material.

My Email ID is: