The Aratari Handbook has been replaced by the current Dagorhir Rules, called the Manual of Arms (on Dagorhir’s national website). The Manual of Arms. This guide will explain almost everything you need to know about how to get started playing Dagorhir. The Rules. The rules, or the Manual of. Dagorhir Battle Games is a live action role-playing game (battle game) with full- contact melee The rules of the manual of arms, as well as those pertaining to combat, are upheld by an effective honor system which applies to all players.

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I already have plans for my area brewing in my head. Chapter V Weapon size chart. I feel neck comes with head but good point, should have added neck along with dagorhif shots, will fix. In the attempt to set the mood and re-create the atmosphere of battle it is very important that each participant become some character he or she has made up. It is usually required to have a release dayorhir signed and notarized before engaging in any activities.

Ragnarok Event Rules

Carrion fowl and battle raven circle over head, With taloned claws and beaks to pick on bones of warrior dead. Wiese chose seven die-hard Dagorhir members to form a council, who would vote on new policies and help to run the events.

To wound or kill your opponent you must use a weapon; kicking, using karate, etc. A light, durable shield can be made dagorgir an aluminum saucer sled.

To heal another person, the Healer must be in direct physical contact with the dagorhur person and may not be under direct attack. Some people, due to the nature of their characters, choose to be professional healers, volunteering for this duty whenever possible.


Also, in some battles, the Heralds have special functions such as time keeper or flag bearer. It is an annual Dagorhir tradition and in years of late, it has reached heights of nearly rjles during its week-long duration. These rules are as plain, straightforward, and detailed as possible, but not every angle of every situation has been covered.

It is direly important for new fighters to read all the rules. The statement that you “do not need a character” is misleading.

In order to make a safe thrusting tip, see the section on arrow construction. The shield wall cannot ‘travel’; one foot must stay planted until the Grand Melee.

Kicking a buckler is not discouraged. For example in Amtgard each separate park makes up a holding from shire to duchy and so many parks in a certain geographic area make up a kingdom. Always have the fire in a fire ring steel rings provided by Cooper’s Lake, elevated fire pit, dug out hole with ring of rocks or metal, etc.

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Make sure that there is a six-foot cleared area no trees or brush around the flag. Rocks must be 4″ to 6″ in diameter and covered by as little tape as possible. Looking for some awesome Dagorhir Videos to watch? No part of the “chain” may be exposed at any time. Header Image – Jenna M.

Dagorhir – Wikipedia

If you can’t afford to pay, well, volunteer cooks are often welcome. It may not be used to parry thrusts, block weapons, or shoot arrows. This is a much “classier” way to get the bodies out of the way, as it encourages characterization and honor.

This is the cagorhir, safest way to make a thrusting tip. The largest annual Dagorhir gathering is known as Ragnarok.


The entire surface of the weapon must be padded with foam rubber except where it is held including the butt end of the weapon, or pommel.

Garb is not completely necessary at practices, and is typically always necessary at Events. Arrows must always be shot; they can never be used as hand weapons.

A red weapon being held with 2 hands will cut through armour as ru,es it is not daogrhir. If you lose a leg, you must kneel on the knee of the leg you have just lost. A thrown javelin is treated as a loosed arrow in every respect, except that it may be caught or knocked out of the air. What is a Herald?

Shield bashing, checking and kicking are allowed.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison

Copies of it will be made available to healers at each battle, if they do not provide their own. Your costume will be checked at the registration table. Archery is probably the most hazardous area of Dagorhir combat. Units Warriors in Dagorhir are divided into sub-groups called “units” primarily to allow friends to fight together and to make choosing teams easier.

Worn weapons, garb, etc. A gambeson of quilted padding or heavy leather does not have to be worn under mail, but dagorhri strongly recommended.

This is most common of larger groups, but often smaller groups will do it as well. Plain leather shoes are preferable. There is no late fee for pre-registered people. No blade dimensions, just hit test Blade min dimensions: Dagorhir battles generally fall into 2 categories – field battles and woods battles.