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Or as they say in the US: The puzzling truth is that, after all this time, the mistaken idea of Theory X thinking still firmly remains part of our belief systems. As a coach, I visit a sysyem of teams and departments, while many people never leave the safety of their team or long time friends within the company. Theory X approach is better suited to the soul-less, repetitive, industrial grind of mass manufacture. These 23 words are arguably the perfect business success plan.

It actually sounds quite a bit like hugte misinterpretation. In fact, I believe in System 1 thinking propagated by Daniel Kahneman, and based on that believe nobody really wants to do work — Theory X or Y, the lazy brain wants to do the least amount of work and get away with it! Dear Srikanth, thanks for writing! I would like to respond to two specific bits of your comment.


The most important consistently identified key daa were: Remember me on this computer. That land of milk and honey remains out of reach, and foreign, too. Then I challenge it.

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October Hi, really liked the article. October Hi Cuan. The future of work is already here. I fail often, both with others and with myself, but I keep trying because change is actually happening.

September Hi Patrick. Also to get back to your question. This will make employees — especially knowledge workers — dislike work, avoid responsibility […]; and the managers syste, will be confirmed. On the one hand, the world of the pioneers really exists — like some continent of copious vegetation.

There is no such thing as people resisting change. September very interesting read — thanks Niels. Not semcp the trust we place in other people is key, but whether we trust them to be self-motivated, driven by the need for self-fulfillment, and capable of self-organizing within boundaries and team swmco.

Benjamin Atkinson am Until swmco change, we cannot change anything! September Great article, Niels! Most people just need some practical help on the work floor to change the way they think about their peers or the importance of what their teams do.

Managers may neither lack the courage semck transform, nor are they likely to be all scared about the losing control, or the unknown. Der Lebensmittelhersteller Felix Austria hat erkannt: I have written entire books and papers filled with the stories of the Toyotas of this world. At some point, however, I stared asking myself why these wonderful firms have not succeeded in persuading others to follow their example. This should be of interest to anyone engaged in org leadership, development and change: What are my strengths?


It gives an overview on its main characteristics like risk factors, symptoms and possible means to reduce these risks. Thanks for your feedback, Cecil!

Only once we change the system away from command-and-control, people can develop intelligently aligned behavior patterns, such as those associated with self-organization, empowerment and entrepreneurial responsibility. Today, the knowledge economy favours Theory Y. Thank you for the enlightening article.

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

Srikanth Ramanujam am What I am looking for in any organization is that kind of behaviour. You know what I mean? Thank you for your comment!