Deathstorm Drop Pods of the Ultramarines Chapter clearing the way for Space Deathstorm Drop Pods sitting silently after expending all of their ammunition. I’m looking at units I don’t see discussed very often in a bit of a hunt for hidden gems and I’m wondering whether anyone has experience with. If a drop zone is just too hot to land in, the Space Marines will use Deathstorm Drop Pods (equipped with assault cannons.

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It would be a heartening sight if the Navy were to use these en-mass to support the Guard. Because it carries lots of them. Warhammer Reddit Directory Looking for more of a certain thing?

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The Raven Guard’s preference for such surgical-strike tactics would, upon occasion, leave them at a disadvantage in the case of both protracted engagements and in assaulting very heavily fortified targets where heavy units deathstogm as Legion tanks and artillery could not be used. Life Pods can be used to land the escaped crew on a planet’s surface dfop simply make their way to a nearby friendly starship or space station to be retrieved.

Warhead01 14 Oct Come to think of it, rrop massive volley of these things would be highly effective against Orks, Ddop, and possibly Necrons. When the circumstances of war dictate for a rapid deployment of their troops, the Noblemen of the Questor Imperialis make use of a far larger version of the Drop Pod to deploy their Imperial Knightsthe Drop Keep, but even those are dwarfed by the titanic macrolanders in use within the Titan Legions of the Collegia Titanica.

Although the weapons are capable of firing upon these selected targets, there is no discrimination between friendly units and the dexthstorm. This pod can hold the area. Retrieved from ” http: Just about every modern sci-fi setting has a military that uses Drop Pods to deploy; if you take a sufficiently broad interpretation, you could say that the Martian cylinders from H.

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When you think of the points that you put into a Terminator unit; usually Spartan, tooled Praetor, Primus Medicae, occasionally Rad nades Forge Lord, you’re looking around another pts on top of the terminator squad itself. To me that’s an insane amount of shots at such high ap and str that can drop in behind your enemies front line and crop absolute havoc, I mean it could nearly neutralise a 10 man squad in one go or ceathstorm could totally own tanks just through glancing let a lone penetrating.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Want to add to the discussion? Drop Pods are fired with colossal acceleration from an orbiting Strike Cruiser or Battle Bargeafter which it screams through a planet’s atmosphere with oversized rocket thrusters boosting it even further beyond terminal velocity; even the most xeathstorm air defence systems have difficulty locking on to a Drop Pod travelling at up to 12, kilometres per hour.


Drop Pods resemble the standard Imperial Life Pod that is used to evacuate the crews of severely damaged starships. Views Read Edit View history. Each member of the Mobile Infantry gets his own pod, containing his suit of armor.

Welcome to The Por and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features. It’s quite rare in 40K too, but less so than 30K, which is pretty much Rending, Paragon Blades, Phoenix Power Spears, and Primarchs, plus some special characters like Eidolon or Sigismund; so maybe limited to about models per army best case scenario.

A line of infiltrating breachers Alpha legion with outflanking headhunters and terminators in transports and a drop podding dread. Once a Deathstorm Drop Pod has touched down and its assault ramps have slammed open, the weapons within will open fire on anything outside of the craft.

Deathstorm Drop Pod | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

After a Drop Pod is used it will remain on the battlefield until it can be retrieved by the Chapter’s Techmarinesusually by use of a Thunderhawk Transporter. Its machine spirit had been described as being unusually blood thirsty, which often caused lethal “incidents” with maintenance crews, and even Marines themselves, even before the pods fell to Chaos, hence why the Dreadclaw wasn’t very popular amongst legions, who actually gave a fuck about their mortal serfs. It would seem that RAW it goes off on overwatch shooting too.

This requires that they’re deployed close together, but most enemies will only have one major concentration of forces so podd want to do that deaghstorm.

This was a role that allowed them to use the firepower of their Storm Launchers and Melta-cutters to scour clean their chosen landing zone before disembarking their deadly cargo into the midst of the enemy’s shattered formation.

I’d just like to see them with some more variable weapons, at least one anti-armour option. There won’t be any friendlies around so you don’t have to worry about fucking anything worth a damn. They will not be tolerated. There are several variants of the Deathstorm Drop Pod used by the Imperium:.

Deathstorm Drop Pod and Overwatch

Anonymous Tue Dec 16 Though lacking in any subtlety or elegance, this tactic was undeniably effective, and many crew had developed a dark notoriety for their skill at reckless low altitude strafing runs, leaving great swathes of the enemy’s lines aflame with each pass.


A drop pod with all the restraints and harnesses taken out, and only three fins instead of five. I think it has facing firing arcs and I think only two launchers at a time will have interlocking fields of fire, also don’t they shoot anything near them even friendly units? The Deep Strike is the Space Marine ‘s iconic deployment method.

All in all a great way to deep strike your dread, and be sure he won’t be shot off board the turn it drops. And all I have to do is avoid you; or spend pts and 1 Elites choice on 6 Haywire near enough autohits to make that a reality.

Running to cover objectives late game, and overwatch are all pretty big abilities to give up on with Cataphractii. Drop Pods of the Space Wolves Chapter in flight. The ultimate weapon of terror and surprise, when a Drop Pod lands directly in the midst of an enemy line or formation and its occupants disembark and start wreaking havoc, there is little escape for the foe.

The Deathstorm Drop Pod is a heavy support variant of the standard Drop Pod, featuring internal weapons systems that deploy upon impact with the ground, and it makes up for the principal disadvantage of any Drop Pod used by the Imperium — the inability to transport armoured vehicles such as Predators or Vindicators directly to where they are needed most.

Never actually seen that but made a list for it myself, never tried something like that tho because I don’t have the models. What makes them shine is that normal drop pods don’t force out passengers so your podding infantry are safe inside. Deathstorm Drop Pods were first conceived and prototyped by the Raven Guard Legion during the Great Crusadewho sought to augment the firepower of their precision-orbital assaults.

Once the battle its over, Chapter Techmarines will recover any surviving pod and have it repaired and rearmed for the next battle. Can it fire heavy weapons on the turn it deep strikes or would they be snap shots?

Additionally, the passengers must lend their trust to the guidance systems of the craft’s Machine Spirit artificial intelligence to safely deliver them to their destination. A Tyranid Mycetic Spore delivering a Carnifex to a planet’s surface. A Machine Spirit on-board computer guides the Drop Pod to its destination and can receive further commands from the Pod’s mothership.

There are several websites but which one exactly youbuse depends on where un the world you are.