DNVGL-RP-F has been prepared to facilitate the execution of detailed CP design and the specification of galvanic anode manufacture and installation. Buy DNV-RP F LATEST CATHODIC PROTECTION OF SUBMARINE PIPELINES BY GALVANIC ANODES from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DNVGL-RP-F at Engineering

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The design life to be used for CP detailed design shall be defined by Purchaser and should be a conservative estimate of the maximum expected lifetime of the pipeline. Any materials checked and found nonconforming shall be marked and quarantined. If no CP conceptual report has been prepared, then the premises and basic concepts for detailed CP design shall be defined by Purchaser in some other reference document see 5. The calculated FJC coating breakdown factor may then be times higher than for the linepipe dv.

The potential of this reference electrode is virtually equivalent to that of the standard calomel electrode. Cathodic Protection Detailed Design 5.

For certain combinations of parent and linepipe coating, the calculated overall coating breakdown using the constants in Annex 1 may be significantly lower than in the ISO standard.

Comparison is also made with other CP codes, both in terms of the general methodology and by direct numerical comparison, using some illustrative examples. For CP of subsea manifold v103, riser bases and other subsea structures where components of a pipeline system are electrically connected to major surfaces of structural C-steel, use of DNV-RP-B is recommended for CP design see 1.

The design values in Table 4 of the Ddnv standard shall apply. Illustrative examples are also given that compare anode requirements. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Despite the advances and improvements coating systems, however, some of these systems may be vulnerable to disbondment env to insufficient quality control of the application process or improper design and application of field joint coatings.


Anodes elongated type may also be installed on a dedicated structure sledge with a cable connection for electrical continuity to the pipeline. For pipelines in CRA’s susceptible to hydrogen induced stress cracking HISC by CP, this concept has the main advantage that the installation of anodes on the pipeline itself can be fully avoided for shorter lines. As an alternative, a default value of 1. For definition of contacting parties and associated terms, see Sec.

Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data F1103 ‘ Provide principles and procedures of DNV classification, certification, verification dmv consultancy services.

DNV RP-F CP of submarine pipelines by galvanic anodes_百度文库

Candidate anode manufacturers should be consulted in such cases. Pipelines or pipeline sections to be installed in very soft soil for which complete self-burial can be demonstrated e. Any excess anode mass installed can be utilised as a contingency in case the calculated current demand was underestimated due to e.

Terminology and Definitions Owner Purchaser Contractor shall should may agreed agreement report and notify accepted acceptance certificate certified purchase document s manufacture manufacturing party legally responsible for design, construction and operation of the pipeline party Owner or main contractor issuing inquiry or contract for engineering, manufacturing or installation work, or nominated representative party to whom the work has been contracted indicates a mandatory requirement indicates a preferred course of action indicates a permissible course of action refers to a written arrangement between Purchaser and Contractor e.

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. Become a Member Sing In. Can somebody shed more light on this issue, and help me understand why these two codes are so different conceptually? The concept of installing anodes on adjacent structures also has the advantage that the complete anode surfaces are exposed to seawater, increasing the anode electrochemical performance and the anode current output compared to those for anodes partly or fully covered by seabed sediments.


Standards Address Cathodic Protection for External Corrosion Control of Submarine Pipelines

Non-conforming anodes and other materials shall be quarantined. This can be achieved by special anode alloys or installation of diodes, however, practical experience from such potential control is largely lacking. As in the NACE code, the first issue of RP-B did not describe the CP calculation procedures in any detail; CP design parameters related to the performance of galvanic anode parameters were defined as typical ranges, and? This section is primarily intended for manufacturing of pipeline bracelet type anodes.

The seawater resistivity annual average may be estimated based on Fig. As the surface area associated with field joints is only a few percent of the total pipe area, it is not actually necessary to subtract the FJC area when calculating the current demand for surfaces with linepipe coating.

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Become a Member Sign In. Calculations of anode current output from such anode arrangements shall take into account the significance of a voltage drop in the cable connection and any interaction between closely spaced anodes affecting their electrolytic resistance i.

Compared to this factor, the effect of variations of other design parameters such as design current densities and those associated with the anode performance is relatively small See also F10 note to 5.