What would happen to international politics if the dead rose from the grave and started to eat the living? Daniel Drezner’s groundbreaking book answers the. Book review. Theories of International Relations and Zombies. By Daniel W. Drezner. Princeton University Press, (U$ WATERLOO – A “zombie gap in international relations” must be addressed if humanity is to be safeguarded from the perils of the undead.

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In this concise and engaging study, Daniel Drezner, Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, provides a rigorous theoretical analysis of the potential implications of a zombie attack, thus filling an important gap in the International Relations literature.

So long as a wide swath of policy, actions, and motivations are considered, Theories of International Politics and Zombies makes a great companion to considerations of everything from democracies to despots. I honestly checked it out for the International Politics angle rather than the “braaaaains” angle. On the other hand, the report has clear freaked out Alex Massie: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

I picked up this book for the zombies, but ultimately I think the best part about it is the basic understanding of theories of international relations. Paperbackpages. Unfortunately, I fear that constructivists would predict a norm cascade from the rise of zombies. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts.

As a vocal critic of the War in Iraq after its inception he supported it initiallyDrezner notes with biting humor that while neoconservatives would be quick to identify potential threats from zombiss undead, there would be concern that “the initial neoconservative response to a zombie outbreak would be to invade Iraq again out of habit. Wouldn’t it be more likely that zombie infections would move more slowly like a regular plague, that people would be skeptical at first, that they would cooperate with each other to survive, and that governments would react like the human organizations that they are?


He examines the most prominent international relations theories–including realism, liberalism, constructivism, neoconservatism, dreznrr bureaucratic politics–and decomposes their predictions.

This book is a tongue-in-cheek textbook whose humor consists of repeating the same joke over When I decided to read this book I was looking for an amusing and light hearted primer on the basic concepts of international relations.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel W. Drezner

What would happen to international politics if the dead rose from the grave and started to eat the living? Sep 15, Tree rated it liked it. Back when this paper was in draft stage, I specifically queried them about wther their argument about UFOs could be generalized to zombies, vampires, ghosts, the Loch Ness monster, Elvis, etc.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ddezner he easily falls short on the same and ends up finding solace in George Romero flicks, which readers of my age might not easily relate with. Take an insightful professor of international politics with a great sense of humor, mix in the entire canon of zombie lit and cinema, and you have the recipe for a delightfully fun and irreverent look at the “what ifs” of a world gone mad with brain eating hordes.

I think that ultimately, this would have been better if just left as a long article in a magazine rather than trying to stretch drezneer into an entire book. Another way of thinking about this is that the introduction of zombies creates a stronger feeling of ontological security among remaining humans — i. I think it still served as an interesting introductory text into non-traditional security and behavioral psychology in a very interesting and engaging manner.

Distressingly, he comes up with many reasons why our various theories point to humanity’s inability to pull together in a crisis and end the plague of the undead.

I don’t agree with all of it to the letter, but the core is there, and though I would have preferred Drezner explained more of the critical theory part of the book I personally would have gone with the racial aspect of critical theory than feminism, but to each his ownultimately, I think it had good coverage.


All around interesting read.

Furthermore, anyone who has seen Land of the Dead knows that zombies are not deterred by the stopping power of water. Dfezner, the effectiveness of the WZO would be uncertain.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies

I started this book with high expectations, zombiess because of its great cover design, but mainly because I was excited by the sense of humor of an author putting together the topics of international politics drezne zombies. Trivia About Theories of Inter I was rolling with laughter because of how hilarious I thought it was The language of the book was much dryer and academic than I expected, and it took me far longer to get through such a small volume than I had anticipated.

For example, would the zombie uprising confirm Marxist predictions about the revolt of the proletariat? Drezner’s intentions are not so grand, nor are they so earnest. It’s a silly fun book, that I probably won’t quote in any assignments, but will recommend to anyone who shows a passing interest in IR theory. It doesn’t get five stars because I wanted a bit more. Sign up for free access to 3 articles per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts Sign Up.

However Drezner summarizes the drzener aspects and points zombids the theories quite well at the beginnings of each chapter. I assume you’ve been to the ZombieSquad webpage and built your bug-out-bags.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Addressing timely issues with analytical bite, Drezner looks at how well-known theories from international relations might be applied to What would happen to international politics if the dead rose from the grave and started to eat the living?