Full text of “Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual”. See other formats 4 Classic TR V2 Another setup of this timeless classic. 5 ‘Hardcore’ TR Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine. Novation Drum Station Manual Pdf MAC – Novation USB Driverdmg · Novation USB Driverexe Impulse – Getting Started · Impulse – Guide de.

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The D Station rdumstation respond to Controller 7 Volume but this will alter the total level of all drumsounds simultaneously. Four parameters are provided for adjusting the timbre of the snare sound on each drum kit. This setting can be saved with a program.

Other sounds on Stereo. Troubleshooting Guide Simultaneous playing of both and Drum kits When triggered from MIDI both and sounds may be played simultaneously.

Novation Drumstation V2 a TR808 TR909 clone

As the knob is moved in a clockwise direction the duration increases giving the Snare drum a broader, ‘looser’ sound. This will maintain a good signal to noise ratio. The size was small and it apparently does a decent job drumstahion cloning the Roland TR and TR drum machines sounds.

Auto- i ” y Trigger tempo is a global setting and is not saved with each program. Notify me of new comments via email.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It sends a 5v pulse at a rate of 24ppqn pulses per quarter note to drumstaton a slaved machine at the same janual as your master clock. When editing a program, the current position of a knob or switch will probably be totally different to that of the program selected, so when you turn a rotary control more than a few degrees or move a switch expect the sound parameter to “jump” to the new value.


Some parameters are only available on one or two sounds eg. This only applies to products distributed in Canada. However, Novation reserves the right to change or modify the specification drustation notice or obligation to update existing units.

Email required Address never made public. As the original TR and TR only had a Level control for these sounds no dynamic sound changes could be made.

drumsttion Tune – Rotary This knob allows you to change the pitch of each of the sounds in this section. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The TR has one Cymbal sound. To hear the effect this has on a drum sound, listen to the demo whilst making drumsttion to the Factory Demo Guide on page Decay governs how quickly the sound dies away, Tune the pitch of the sound and Level the maximum volume it is played in the respective mix.

Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine

The TR does not include a Cowbell C’BLL If, whilst editing a Program, a sound is selected that does not appear on that particular kit, the D Station will automatically switch over to the relevant kit. This parameter decides the proportional 20 level of drumstatjon noise element. They are however the classic selection for ballads and the like. From ‘Save’, the next press will loop the menu back to the Program mode. Now, move the ‘Write’ switch to the ‘Enable’ position and transmit the sysex dump from your computer.

Only set the longest decay time if you are using the cymbals sparingly in your songs. See the ‘Controller Map’ section on page You can basically stick it anywhere and and it will not take up much space.

Closed HiHat – With the HiHat’s ‘Decay’ control set to respond to Velocity data an extremely realistic ‘Accent’ can be created as the decay time increases with velocity, much like the real instrument. Check drumstationn the playback channel of the track on your sequencer corresponds to the RX channel of the D station.


See page 30 for full details on the operation and features of the Utility mode. Bass Drum Section become increasingly Tone – When the TR kit is selected this knob will affect the tonal character of the Bass drum by changing the frequency content of the sound. A typical drum sound has a very complex structure made up of many simple waveforms all occuring at the same moment in time. To get you started 25 .20 kits have been provided and there are 15 User Programs which you can use to store your own kits, once you become familiar with the editing parameters.

Other Media Files : Novation DrumStation

The drumstatioh program numbers can be used to ‘track’ the demo as it plays through which will help identify the various functions and effects detailed previously in this chapter and as summarised in the ‘Factory Demo Guide’ on page As the D Station uses samples for these sounds a Tune control has been added to give the sounds greater dynamic scope.

TR – On this sound it changes the overall tone. Each of the three sounds has it’s own individual MIDI Controller information so when recording via MIDI always check that this switch is pointing to the sound you want to change. Level – Rotary This knob controls the volume of the Snare drum on both the stereo and individual outputs.