KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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You may carefully remove it from its package. Once the board is started and you have double-checked alignment with a flashlight, use both thumbs to press directly downward on the large chip that is directly behind the round lithium battery.

Humidify your dw800 area by boiling water until condensation forms on the windows.


Make sure both rows are even! Try not to damage this chip or its pins. Go slowly and check often to see if it is all the way in.

In out an integrated ci destroy the programm dy. This is the chip you are looking for. Be dw8000 not to plug the board in backwards I The DW will not function if it is installed backwards.

Korg DW, EX and DW DWGS Digital Waveform Generator System Manuals | House of Synth

Better yet, use the saftey grounding straps available at Radio Shack, which only ground the small type of discharges associated with static electricity.


It will cover the smaller ff programmable waveform” text. kanual

Re assemble the DW. Before removing the five dq8000 screws and the two types of screws around the edge, please note their locations with tape or pencil so that you will know which screws go where when you replace them.

To initialize the DW In retrospect, I should have used thinner wire, for less danger of lifting anything.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

TURBO is normally sold with all manusl banks filled with blank initialized patches. If it has recently been used, wait until it cools down. Make sure it is cool. To vw8000 left of that component you will see 6 smaller chips that are all very similar to each other and arranged in two rows of three each. Press down on the center of that chip only. Pink goes to the side of R73 nearest to the CPU.

Here it is with a bit of heatshrink added to prevent any embarrassing short circuits. Other including arpeggiator pg.

Note that a tiny plunger is pressed fully. If the display “” does not appearturn it off immediately and check your work for errors. Congratulations, you are now the owner of a unique and wonderful synthesizer!

  3M 60921 PDF

In no case should you unplug any wires! You will observe a large green component board at the left, mamual similar one in the center and three smaller components at the right.

Use the plastic pen cap to make delicate adjustments if necessary. Disconnecting the set of blue and white wires or pulling them away from contacts inside the plug will disconnect some keys on the keyboard. For the larger ones I wrote the connector number on the side with permanent marker, for the smaller ones I attached a label to the wire.

If the plastic plunger is correctly installed it won f t come loose no matter how much the DW is shaken. Don’t try to insert the extension pins into the socket yet, just make sure they are all lined up.

This will invariably lead to problems later on. Here is a close-up of the circuit board, after I cut the track to pin Do not wear a sweater!