Economic importance Earias insulana is a major pest of cotton in the Eastern Mediterranean. Damage is caused by the larvae, which cause. Acontia xanthophila Walker, ; Earias chlorion Rambur; Earias frondosana Walker; Earias gossypii Frauenfeld; Earias insulana syn. The symptoms of attack are similar for all Earias spp. Cotton infestation generally starts with shoot boring in the young crop. Earias insulana enters the terminal.

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Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 31 1: Pheromone trap to monitor adult spotted bollworm, Earias vittella F. Journal of Insect Science, 3 2: Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University, 21 4: Monitoring seasonal population fluctuation of spotted and spiny bollworms by synthetic sex pheromones and its relationships to boll infestation in cotton.

Nerkar discusses the possibility that resistance might be found in wild relatives of okra such as Abelmoschus spp. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Annals of Agricultural Science Cairo40 2: Kehat and Dunkelblum tested various traps and dispensers for pheromone control in Israel. Legislation in some countries requires farmers to uproot and destroy harvested plants to ensure an adequate close season, but this is seldom enforced.


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Color morphs induced under controlled environmental conditions in adult Earias insulana Lepidoptera: Noctuidae in the Punjab. Mating disruption of the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana Lepidoptera: Population density and flight activity of the adult stage of the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana Boisd.

The mature larva spins insupana white cocoon, attaches it to plant parts and pupates therein. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt, No.

Knowledge Bank home Change location. Datasheet Earias insulana Egyptian stem borer.

Indian Journal of Entomology, insukana 1: Ovipositional preference and damage by spotted bollworm Earias fabia Stoll in cotton. A severe attack causes the shedding of flower buds and reduced yield.

Infestation of maize ears by the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana Boisd. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Earias insulana.

Biological Control A number of studies have investigated the potential ijsulana various parasitoids against Earias spp. Nasr and Azab b also emphasize the importance of removing infested shoots and suggest that it be done when the egg-masses of Spodoptera littoralis are being collected and destroyed. Distribution patterns, sample-size and sampling Earias spp. There have been several field trials involving parasitoid release.

Egyptian Bollworm Earias insulana – UKMoths

Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 14 3: Kehat M; Bar D, Comparative efficiency of techniques for assessing loss due to insect pests in upland cotton Insulna hirsutum. Although parasitoids can control Earias, it appears that large numbers are necessary and the evidence suggests that these high levels have to insulqna artificially maintained.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Entomologie, 79 3: Earias insulana Boisduval Taxonomic placing: Control of cotton bollworms in People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.

Identification and biological activity of newly isolated heterorhabditid populations from Israel. Malvaceae in the south-west region of Madagascar.

Evaluation of benzoylphenyl ureas for controlling the spiny bollworm Earias insulana Boisd. Peyrelongue J; Bournier JP, The cold winter in northern Iran also effectively keeps populations of E.

Bestimmungshilfe des Lepiforums: Earias Insulana

Earias insulana enters the terminal bud of the vegetative shoot and channels downwards from the growing point, or directly penetrates the internode. Noctuidae in some cotton phenotypes. Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University, 27 3: Temperature-development relationship of spiny bollworm Earias insulana Bois.