Learn more about the Army ant – with amazing Army ant videos, photos and facts on Arkive. Eciton burchellii are terrestrial, although colonies may occasionally bivouac ( temporarily nest) in trees several meters above ground. Army ants need very humid. Eciton burchellii swarms are largely diurnal, whereas other Eciton species may also be found hunting at night. Eciton burchellii swarms take a broad range of.

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These ants are large, they forage above ground, and their sprawling raids cover extensive areas. Army ant conservation There are currently no specific conservation measures in place for Eciton burchellii. Some animals, such as bees, can detect which way light is polarized and use that information.

The smaller and medium-sized workers race along the chemical trails and extend it at the point, while the larger, clumsier soldiers, unable to keep a secure footing among their nestmates, travel for the most part on either side. Eciton burchellii is a species of New World army ant in the genus Eciton.

Males have been observed to grasp these horns with their mandibles while mating.

Eciton burchellii, the swarm raider

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Help us burcchellii the site by taking our survey. Neotropical living in the southern part of the New World. Little information is known about the exact lifetimes as this species is very difficult to keep in captivity, and its nomadic behavior makes individuals very difficult to track over long periods of time. If you wish to find a colony of swarm raiders in Central or South America, the quickest way is to walk quietly through a tropical forest in the middle of the morning, listening.

Use dmy dates from August Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Commons category link is on Wikidata. Some forms of sustainable management are thought to negatively affect this important army ant species, as the felling of long strips of forest can create clusters of burcheellii which may be too small or inaccessible to maintain a large colony.


United States of America: For example, if the queen is removed for a few hours at a time, she is readily accepted back into the brood-free zone from which she originated, but she is rejected by workers belonging to the other zone. To the general hum are added irregular short notes of higher pitch as individuals or small groups of flies eiton down suddenly here or there upon some probable victim of the ants which has suddenly burst into view.

bhrchellii Foraging direction during the stationary periods shifts degrees per raid, while foraging during the nomadic phase tends to be in the same direction everyday. Their sharp pointed mandibles do not have a good cutting edge, so anything too big to be carried back that cannot be easily pulled apart is left behind. Like other examples of step-clines in morphological or genetic characters, it begs the question of what mechanism is maintaining the sharp boundary between these two forms, especially for such burchsllii, nomadic organisms.

The queen usually copulates with 10—20 males, which leads to a colony with a large number of worker patrilines, which are full-sibling families with the same father and mother. Eggs are laid by the queen and are then taken away and arranged throughout the center part of the bivouac. While this interpretation makes a pretty story, it is constructed with fragments of very circumstantial evidence.

Pheidole morrisiyet we know very little about their true ecological impacts. The swarmers react to movement in particular as well as to the scent of their booty, and a motionless insect has some chance of escaping them. I have seen snakes, lizards, and nestling birds killed on various occasions; undoubtedly a larger vertebrate which, because of injury or for some other reason, could not run off, would be killed by stinging or asphyxiation. Workers possess single-faceted compound eyesdouble-segmented waists, a well-developed sting, and specialized tarsal hooks on their feet with which they cling to one another to form bridges and bivouacs.


Mingled in is the murmur or hissing caused by the frantic movements of countless insects trying to escape the raiders, and the buzzing of parasitic flies. In his culminating synthesis, however, Schneirla provided a more balanced view of evolution and physiological mechanisms.

The sudden appearance of tens of thousands of new adult workers has a galvanic effect on their older sisters.

Army Ants of Darkness: Eciton burchellii parvispinum

On the queens propodium and petiole are horns pointed behind her. This occurs primarily during the night. But, even with this encumbrance, the queen moves along easily to the new ecitom site.

This is because each colony has only one or a small number of reproductive queens per colony compared to other species that have a greater number of reproductive individuals per unit area.

Some spiders can modify the composition of their silk to deter predators from climbing onto their webs.

Eciton burchellii – AntWiki

I doubt these forms are completely geographically isolated. Besides being group predators, members of an Eciton burchellii colony cycle between nomadic and stationary or ” statary ” phases. As she runs along she is crowded in by the “retinue,” a shifting mob consisting budchellii an unusual number of soldiers and darkly colored, unladen smaller workers.

Unlike other Hymenoptera species, ants cannot actively thermoregulate through processes such as evaporation, fanning, or incubation. Eciton burchellii are polymorphic, worker sizes range from 3mm to 12mm.

All arthropods have paired jointed limbs and a hard external skeleton exoskeleton.

Eciton burchellii parvispinum – AntWiki

Raids set out in the morning with a swarm front near the overnight bivuoac. Members of the species have been observed to use their bodies to ecion potholes in the pathway between the nest and prey. I was excited yesterday when the map of army ants had Florida colored in.