Edital de Exame de Admissão Universidade LÚRIO | MozExames. October 19, · A Universidade Lúrio (UniLúrio) é uma universidade pública de âmbito nacional com sede na Cidade de Nampula e com faculdades também em. Research ethics review at University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM)/Maputo Central Hospital, Mozambique (): a descriptive analysis of the start-up of a. UniLúrio has explored different areas of the PNQ since , but became fascinated by the biodiversity in the Taratibu Reserve in Seeing that the site had.

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It completely covers Ibo and Quissanga districts. It has a 9.

The Taratibu reserve is located about km from Pemba, in the North of Ancuabe district, between latitudes 12o50 South and 12o38 South, and longitudes 39o32 East and 39o58, occupying 34, hectares. Nuilurio was designed as a touristic site before the establishment of PNQ inunder the management of Jacobus J.

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – Início

Von Landsberg Sitoe et al. Taratibu has incomparable landscape, decorated by fascinatingly configured rock formation mountains, with rare and unique fauna and flora.


Some of the mountains are easily scaled, climbing from an altitude of to approximately meters high. The vison of the landscape will be indelibly stamped upon the memory of any visitor. The tributaries of the streams that naturally irrigate the uniluri, create species diversity according to the rainy and dry seasons. Unfortunately the waters will probably become toxic to plant and animal life diversity, due to the practice of illegal mining.

In Taratibu, the diversity of fauna was very high, but recently, in the past few years, it has continuously declined, due to poaching that has become massive day by day.

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Hundreds of elephants, who were the main attraction of tourism, were killed by poachers, certified by carcasses mostly of skulls collected in the bush and deposited in the camp. Taratibu, is also an historical site, since it is a previous battle planning strategy edita called Base de Chaimite. Editql conservation of biodiversity in Taratibu is a very difficult challenge, due to the existence of human population, and poaching. It is still possible to see many insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and evidence of presence of mammals by paw tracks, dung, etc.


Últimas Notícias

Permission to lease space and develop research was granted in We use Taratibu for lessons practice, research, course completion work, for undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral students. Accommodation in Taratibu is fully available with 3 bungalows and 6 beds.

There is also a specially designed camping tent with guaranteed security. In the surrounding unilurioo Miegane, Ngurasmall-scale economic activities such as cultural activities for tourism can be observed.

Visitors are accompanied by the fiscal and native guides. Plano de Maneio do Parque Nacional das Quirimba.

Biodiversity baseline of the Quirimbas National Park — Mozambique.