EGGtoberfest is an annual event held in Atlanta each October. The BGE provided the opportunity to get together and cook their favorite recipes on the EGG. The master cookbook with a mother lode of information about cooking on ceramic cookers. wise one’s eggtoberfest cookbook. Recipes from the In addition, Craig’s team was voted #1 in the EGGtoberfest People’s Choice Recipe Contest and his recipe for Piglet Poppers will be posted on.

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We like to think it was all that wonderful smoke from the Eggs…. This is so good on beef or lamb. If you are not following them you should start NOW. Walking up to the eggtoberfesr we find Chris Capell prepping this huge hunk of meat Beef Clod that he will smoke over night in prep for the festival Saturday.

Your email address will not be published. Prime Rib Cooked to Perfection. Covered in Cosmic Cow. BBQ and one of the European Chefs.


EGGtoberfest: A Must Do

Chris is pulling the Beef Clod. Chris with Bob Atkinson and Jonathan Thompson. The French Family not related to the Europeans were so great and friendly. Notify me of new posts by email.

EGGtoberfest – The BBQ Buddha

Chris giving a class. Next we got a chance to meet and talk to Eggttoberfest Atkinson on the left who had a lot to do with planning and marketing EGGtoberfest The tremendous enthusiasm generated by EGGtoberfest has resulted in a growing number refipes regional EGGfests held throughout the country.

Buddha had a chance to get to know these two wonderful people! The Buddha in action. After settling in I got a chance to work the Eggs and cook some of the delicious treats we were serving to the thousands of people in attendance.

EGGtoberfest 2015

It was such a great EGGsperience meeting people in person who I have come to know online. Once checked in we find friends old and new.

Upon arriving at the Stone Mountain, Georgia eggtoberfset we could tell this was indeed a major event. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It was a pleasure getting to meet them and taste all of their wonderful creations. His rubs are outrageously good and ones you should try soon… like his SPF53 spicy rub!


Chris prepping his Beef Clod. This Prime Rib was so tasty with the perfect salted crust. Smoke from the festival?!

This contraption turns your Big Green Egg into a Churrascaria! Helma and her wonderful Monkfish. Dizzy Pig has been a long time partner with Big Green Egg and makes a special line of rubs just for them! It was so great meeting some of my Instagram friends in person including tshelburn and jackarnold I may or may not have taken some notes! In closing, we asked a few attendees recioes EGGheads to explain what this event was all about.

As the festival wound down and everyone began to clean up I was able to catch this moment between Dr. Learn how your comment data is processed.