Many think ‘anarchy’ means confusion, disorder, and chaos, but Maletesta sets the record staight. Errico Malatesta was a warm-hearted anarchist of widespread . Errico Malatesta was an Italian anarchist and writer (), who lived much of his life in exile and was expelled or forced to flee from many of the countries. “Towards Anarchism” by Errico Malatesta () first appeared in English in the Depression era periodical MAN! This little essay was highly regarded by.

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He participated, weapons at hand, in the insurrections of Apulia, inof Benevento, inand was arrested more than a dozen times. From this we can see that, to arrive at Anarchism, malatfsta force is not the only thing to make a revolution; it is essential that the workers, grouped according to the various branches of production, place themselves in a position that will insure the proper functioning of their social life – without the aid or need of capitalists or governments.

Put an army in a country in which there are neither reasons for, nor fear anarcchy, war, civil or external, and it will provoke war or, if it does not succeed in its intentions, it will collapse. If there had to be a government, it would still be obliged to wait until the people had organised everything, in order then to come along with laws to sanction and exploit what had already been done.

Errico Malatesta

His arguments against the doctrine of revolutionary unions known as anarcho-syndicalism were later developed in a series of articles, where he wrote “I am against syndicalism, both as a doctrine and a practice, because it errixo me as a hybrid creature. Would it not rather paralyze or destroy it? I chose to give this book a 2 star for its great introduction into what government is, what Anarchy isn’t, and for a comprehensive explanation of human nature.

This new society can only be built with victory over the dominant classes. Even if we are defeated, our work will not have been useless, for the greater our resolve to achieve the implementation of our programme in full, the less property, and less government will there be in the new society.

And the abolition of government does not and cannot mean the breakdown of the social link. Nor is the government specially needed for the large-scale enterprises and public services requiring the full-time employment of a large number of people from different countries naarchy conditions.

He was malztesta spend his remaining years leading a relatively quiet life, earning a living as an electrician. Excellent intro to anarchism and a good, quick refresher for those who forget! The first of a long series of arrests came at age fourteen, when he was apprehended for writing an “insolent and threatening” letter to King Victor Emmanuel II.


It is evident that private interest is the great motive for all activity. And it is the method which above all distinguishes between the parties and determines their historical importance.

Great classic book from one of the fathers of Italian Anarchism, still actual after more than years!

Anarquismo, Socialismo y Comunismo. Today the government is composed of proprietors, or people of their class so entirely under their influence that the richest do not find it necessary to take an active part themselves.

It organizes and directs certain public services, such as the post, preservation of the public health, benevolent institutions, workhouses, etc.

Anarchy by Errico Malatesta

Never fear, they will not die of hunger waiting for government to pass a law on the subject. The key argument is against imposed, top-down, coercive authority, not all methods by which people organize themselves and direct actions for the common good as well as individual fulfillment.

Thus, being born and having lived in bondage, being the descendant of a long line of malatestz, man, when he began to think, believed that slavery was an essential condition of life, and liberty seemed to mslatesta impossible. And with practice that method which in fact is the best, will in the end be adopted. According to Brian Doherty, writer for Reason magazine, malatestq could get tens of thousands, sometimes more than , fans to show up whenever [he] arrived in town. Would this people require a government to defend itself?

Such risks do not mean that anarchists should abandon them; it is necessary, therefore, to reach a middle ground: The Authoritarian theoreticians ask: There is nothing more pernicious for the real defence of society, for the defence of the wellbeing and freedom of all, than errco setting up of these classes which exist on the pretext of defending everybody but become accustomed to consider every man as game to be caged, and strike at you without knowing why, by orders of a chief whose irresponsible, mercenary ruffians they are.

The old A to B problem again. This would lead to a return to the sharing and cooperation on which human progress was initially built. To do so, Malatesta b: Throughout history, just as in our time, government is either the brutal, violent, arbitrary rule of the few over the many or it mzlatesta an organised instrument to ensure malatwsta dominion and privilege will be in the hands of those who by force, by cunning, or by inheritance, have cornered all the means of life, first and foremost the land, which they make use of to keep the people in bondage and to make them work for their benefit.


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Refresh anagchy try again. Anarchy, he sums up, is this: It is demonstrated that private interest is the great incentive for all activities: A Factor in Evolution.

While some anarchists wanted to split from conservative unions to form revolutionary syndicalist unions, Malatesta predicted they would either remain an “affinity group” with no influence, or go through the same process of bureaucratization as the unions they left. This second method, that anarchj liberalism, is in theory a kind of anarchy without socialism, and therefore is simply a lie, for freedom is not possible without equality, and real anarchy cannot exist without solidarity, without socialism.

So, since it was thought that government was necessary and that without government there could only be disorder and confusion, it was natural and logical that anarchy, which means absence of government, should sound like absence of order.

Thus, having being born and bred in bondage, when the descendants of a long line of malatesga started to think, they believed that slavery was an essential condition of life, and freedom seemed impossible to them. There Malatesta worked as an ice errixo seller and a mechanic. The rulers, for security reasons, for convenience and because of it being impossible to act otherwise, find themselves obliged on the one hand to have the support of a privileged class, that is of a anarvhy of individuals with a common interest in ruling, and on the other to leave it to malztesta individual to fend for himself as best he can, reserving for themselves supreme rule, which is the right to exploit everybody as much as possible, and is the way to satisfy the vanity of those who want to give the orders.

What can government itself add to the moral and material forces that exist in society?

Errico Malatesta – Wikipedia

General Malatestan strategy relies on the permanent search for the accumulation of popular power and in the consistency between means and ends. Sep 02, Aleks rated it really liked it. We must also remember that on one hand the bourgeoisie, that is, the proprietory class, make war among themselves and destroy one another continually, and that, on the other hand, the government, amlatesta composed of the bourgeoisie and, acting as their servants and protector, is still, like every anarcby or protector, continually striving to emancipate itself and to domineer over its charge.

B sounds like a place I could be happy.