casting. Casting Simulation Suite. ProCAST / QuikCAST. Shot Sleeve Modeling in. High Pressure Die Casting. Courtesy of Mofopress. I am trying to do a cast simulation with ESI procast. I managet Do you have any tutorial to be as a guide to me for ProCAST ?? Xecus is. ESI ProCAST v Suite Win Platform:Win7/WIN8; Freshtime: 19; Tag:ESI ProCAST v procast tutorials training.

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ESI ProCAST v Suite Win64

The plotted profile plot is Click on the Play Forward icon animated with the Step increment defined in the Animation Control panel which is posted by clicking on the Animation Controls icon? The contents are owned by their respective authors or beneficiaries. The models it asks you to use are Tutorials. Drag the Table object and position it at the center of the draw block. Tutlrials that the required contents are procwst in the preview and suitably modify the text location, fonts and other attributes.

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Select the Through Plane option. Change the tab to Text. Change the Time Control option to Time, default Start time to 1. Enter the cutoff maximum temperature value as and select the AboveMax option. Enter the settings in the panel as shown procxst Click on Calculate button to calculate the end points.


October Newsletter News. This eai the tutorial Report Generation. Close the posted Metallurgical Tools panel and click on the Snapshot icon in the Contour toolbar. In the Synchronize panel, click on Synch to synchronize the two models.

Move the inserted text position on the plot window by selecting the inserted text and dragging it to the required position.

Esi procast tutorials

SALSA 3D is being gradually integrated into the ESI Casting Simulation Suite, with the aim of offering a software combination that helps maximize productivity, reduce development time and improve the quality of parts.

Click on Define button. The Legends and Labels panel is posted. A plot window can be made active by clicking anywhere on it. Change the font size to 12 in the Fonts tab and deselect the Display Border option in the Border tab. Export Page Movie Panel?

The Model Window, where you can see all model-related operations on right-click. The software, based on powerful Finite Element Technology, is well suited to also predict procas and residual stresses and can address more specific processes like semi-solid, coreblowing, centrifugal, lost foam and continuous casting.

Similarly, you can perform all operations using the Command Interpreter.

Software Tutorial,Education –

Click on Export… button. Click and drag the selection using the mouse, and release it on Page 3 Window 1.


By right-clicking on All Pages, Page, Plot, Curve, a context-based menu will be displayed for manipulations. It can be used at an early stage for mold and process development and also for cast part quality assessment. Click on the panel is posted, as shown below. October Newsletter November 17, Browse through all the pages in the preview mode using the Page toolbar. Double-click on the table to post the Table Settings panel. All books are the property of tuorials respective owners.

In the Explorer, expand the Parts folder. Pick any node and plot curve for default result Temperature.

Select the Intersection Points option in the Option tab. Click on the Calculate button to calculate the default setting. The status of calculation is updated in the Output Console window, as shown below: The shrinkage porosity result is saved to the model working directory in STL format.

The models it asks you to use are. The Customize panel is posted.