Exhortación apostólica Evangelii nuntiandi de S.S. Paulo VI acerca de la evangelización del mundo contemporaneo. by Catholic Church. Pope ( EN, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Evangelism in the Modern World) La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi () no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a. Results 31 – 60 of 81 Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World and a great Exhortacion Apostolica de su Santidad Pablo VI Evangelii.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that there exists a powerful and tragic appeal to be evangelized.

The fatigue produced these days by so much empty talk and the relevance of many other forms of communication must not however diminish the permanent power of the word, or cause a loss of confidence in it. In the Church’s evangelizing activity there are of course certain elements and aspects to be specially insisted on. Our words come from the wealth of the Synod and are meant to be a meditation on evangelization. He serves it generously, without making it serve him.

We are well aware that modern man is sated by talk; he is obviously often tired of listening and, what is worse, impervious to words.

AAS 57p It is certainly fitting to recall this fact at a moment like the present one when it happens that not without sorrow we can hear people – whom we wish to believe are well-intentioned but apostlics are certainly misguided in their attitude – continually claiming to love Christ but without the Church, to listen to Christ but not the Church, to belong to Christ but outside the Church.

We can all see the urgency of giving a loyal, humble and courageous answer to this question, and of acting accordingly. Such a situation certainly raises complex and delicate questions that must be studied in the light of Christian Tradition and the Church’s magisterium, in order to offer to the missionaries of today and of tomorrow new horizons in their contacts with non-Christian religions.

The history of the Church, from the zpostlica of Peter on the morning of Pentecost onwards, has been intermingled and identified with the history of this proclamation. Brothers and sons and daughters, at this stage of our reflection, we wish to pause with you at a question which is particularly important at the present time.

Despite such adversities, the Church constantly renews her deepest inspiration, that which comes to her directly from the Lord: She would have no more authority to proclaim freedom as in the name of God. Having said exhortacjn, we rejoice that the Church is becoming ever more conscious of the proper manner and strictly evangelical means that she possesses in order to collaborate in the liberation of many.

La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a la “evangelizacion de la cultura”y abre puertas, sin saberlo, para la reflexion urbana. But if it is well oriented, above all by a pedagogy of evangelization, it is rich in values. It is well known in what terms numerous bishops from all the continents spoke evwngelii this at the last Synod, especially the bishops from the Third World, with a pastoral accent resonant with the voice of the millions of sons and daughters of the Church who make up those peoples.


But evangelization would not be complete if it did not take account of the unceasing interplay of the Gospel and of man’s concrete life, both personal and social.

Yet, one can never sufficiently stress the fact that evangelization does not consist exhortafin of the preaching and teaching of a doctrine. Thus each individual Church that would voluntarily cut itself off from the universal Church would lose its relationship to God’s plan and would be impoverished in its ecclesial dimension.

AAS 57p. The resistance of the former takes the form of a certain refusal and an inability to grasp the new order of things, the new meaning of the world, of life and of history; such is not possible if one does not start from a divine absolute.

The first danger is that of a withering apoatlica, and then, before long, of a crumbling away, with each of its cells breaking away from it just as it itself has broken away from the central nucleus. And it is above all His mission and His condition of being an evangelizer that she is called upon to continue. As such they have a special importance in the context of the witness which, as we have said, is of prime importance in evangelization.

It is an openness to meditation first of all, and then to ecclesial ministries capable of renewing and strengthening the evangelizing vigor of the Church. They themselves also change. Evangelii partial and fragmentary definition which attempts to render the reality of evangelization in all its richness, complexity and dynamism does so only at the risk apostlixa impoverishing it and even of distorting it.

They feel with it and suffer very deeply within themselves when, in the name of theories which they do not understand, they are exhortacun to accept a Church deprived of this universality, a regionalist Church, with no horizon. The intelligence, especially that of children and young people, needs to learn through systematic eexhortacin instruction the fundamental teachings, the living content of the truth which God has evangelki to convey to us and which the Church has sought to express in an ever richer fashion during the course of her long history.

PG 6, II Apol.

Evangelii Nuntiandi

A voice for the voiceless. The Church respects and esteems these non Christian religions because they are the living expression of the soul of vast groups of people.

The Church exohrtacin has a lively solicitude for the Christians who are not in full communion with her. To preach not their own selves or their personal ideas,[43] but a Gospel of which neither she nor they are the absolute masters and owners, to dispose of it as they wish, but a Gospel of which they are the ministers, in order to pass it on with complete fidelity.


The Church considers it to be undoubtedly important to build up structures which are more human, more just, more respectful of the rights of the person and less oppressive and less enslaving, but she is conscious that the best structures and the most idealized systems soon become inhuman if the inhuman inclinations of the human heart are not made wholesome, if those who live in these structures or who rule them do not undergo a conversion of heart and of outlook.

Nntiandi observation that the Church has been sent out and given a mandate to evangelize the world should awaken in us two convictions. It also springs from the fact that Christians live in close proximity with non-believers and constantly experience the effects of unbelief.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

These latter communities will be nkntiandi place of evangelization, for the benefit of the bigger communities, especially the individual Churches. There is no true evangelization if the name, the teaching, the life, the promises, the kingdom and the mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God are not proclaimed.

Evangelization, as we have said, is a complex process made up of varied elements: Life, joy, and love: By reason of these aspects, we readily call it “popular piety,” that is, religion of the people, rather than religiosity.

All this must characterize the spirit of a committed Christian, without confusion with tactical attitudes or with the service of a political system. Many parochial or other communities live and are held together thanks to the Sunday homily, when it possesses these qualities. Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Declaratio circa Catholicam Doctrinam de Ecclesia contra nonnullos errores hodiernos tuendam 24 June It is to be hoped that all these considerations will help to remove the ambiguity which the word “liberation” very often takes on in ideologies, political systems or groups.

Nevertheless she reaffirms the primacy of her spiritual vocation and refuses to replace the proclamation of the kingdom by the proclamation of forms of human liberation- she even states that her contribution to liberation is incomplete if she neglects to proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ.

A glance at the origins of the Church is very illuminating, and gives the benefit of an early experience in the matter of ministries.

In the name of Christ we bless you, your communities, your families, all those who are dear to you, in the words which Paul addressed to the Philippians: That is what Catholic education is and does: It frequently remains at the level of forms of worship not involving a true acceptance by faith.