Forge World monsters of all kinds and sizes. Some of these WARNING: The Monstrous Arcanum has been rewritten for AOS2. Many of the. This is the eagerly-anticipated first book in a new series from Warhammer Forge, and as its name suggests Monstrous Arcanum deals with a. Welcomeone and at to Monstrous Areanum – Eien Rosma no on. For wo Battlefield Ji World Radions scrolls are nothing in truth cxt:”P”: ” ” in the hand of us.

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But there’s no army that can’t afcanum with an almost unkillable monster that pops out of nowhere and starts charging and destroying things like the scenery was not even there.

If your opponent has some elite ultra-armoured big unit, he can make a good name for himself, though, because he spits mortal wounds by every orifice of his body. Sadly this thing costs so much, you won’t be able to field it in an ally list and so you’ll have take Order allegiance instead.

Forge World release warscolls for Monstrous Arcanum units

They’re very good at screening your other units, or you can just protect and heal them to get an indestructible and very damaging unit. Don’t think of her as some random useful Monster, think of her as a centerpiece unit that can give you the game if you use her well. It’s a Moonclan unit, remember that.

Somehow slow for a Monster, but good both at range 18″ max and at close combat you can shoot into melee. It’s fast, you can set it up almost anywhere, and it’s decent at combat but also fragile. Oh, and its attacks do enormous amounts of damage with a lot of Rend -3 until it receives 4 or more damage, brutal indeed.

Why is the thing so dangerous? As if this was not enough, it has 10 Wounds and regenerates in every turn it killed stuff, which will happen.

Forge World release warscolls for Monstrous Arcanum units

Monstroua the way, they aren’t a Monster, so who invited to this party? Keep it far from your other units, because it might eat them up; send it to the enemy lines asap. Everyone’s favorite one-eyed mist abductors are here again. Be aware, though, that it costs points, so avoid things that can tarpit your Megazord for some turns, or disable it with some tricky spells or abilities, while the opponent takes care of the rest or your quite possibly outnumbered army. A super Seraphon that is, an Order Daemon with Bravery 10, that can be summoned with good speed and endurance, that regenerates some wounds after inflicting damage, vampire-style.


That sort of useful and convenient efficiency is why Forgeworld models costs more. She has an amazing shooting attack, amazing protection, amazing regeneration, and and amazing spell. Monstdous warlord on Brood Horror: Teleport it near arcanuk crucial enemy unit, shoot it and reduce the accuracy of its guys, then charge forg with some other nearby unit to guarantee a nasty battle. It can unbind spells and heal itself while doing it, and everything within 6″ of him gets -1 Bravery.

A pretty lame at everything giant mutated rat. Incredibly vulnerable outside of combat, but pretty decent if they reach melee with their 10″ Move. A weird Monster, in the sense that it’s great not in melee, but in ranged combat. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Deathlords Deathmages Deathrattle Soulblight. Warhammer werewolves, but they’re not Death nor Beastmen units, but Chaos, remember it. They also do double damage on 6’s to wound, and have some pretty good protection against shooting attacks. Powerful and hardy, but quite slow and random. It’s a Moonclan unit, so buff it and start mlnstrous carnage.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Monstrous Arcanum – 1d4chan

Well, like all the other Ethereal stuff, its Save is unaffected by Rend. Yes, it looks weird, but it’s pretty useful. They’re fast and reasonably damaging, but quite fragile, so you’ll have to part with them very soon.

Preeeesenting the king of Monsters, the Godzilla of Age of Sigmar, the nastiests non-named thing you can put on forhe table! All the warscrolls, all up to date and with current matched points are in a single pdf. Fast, fragile, and nothing to write home about in melee. But do remember that in Age of Sigmar you can’t redistribute wounds between your guys, after you assign one wound to a model you have to keep doing it until it dies.


They are “Monstruous Infantry” with Ogor-like stats and some nifty abilities.

Light cavalry, more or less, for the Skaven Moulder faction. Her only weakness is perhpas her slowness, so make the way clear for her and she’ll be your sweetheart.

Quite fast and powerful overall. In the Hero phase, they regenerate any Wounds they have taken, so if you manage to keep some of their 3 wounds after both your and your opponent’s turns, they’re basically invincible.

Otherwise a pretty vanilla Monster. But it’s no mere scary monster, because it also makes every unit at 12″ of it take Battleshock at -2 Arcsnum, making it a great team player indeed, and also very useful with Bravery based abilities and spells. This page was last modified on 26 Novemberat It’s a Skaven Moulder, so you can buff it with some minis, but very unremarkable and ability-less overall. This pair is great in Verminus armies, and pretty useful in other Skaven armies just don’t make him your General then.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Monstrous Arcanum

Avoid unless you love it or something. Retrieved from ” https: This thing is for the guy who despises complicated plans and sissy synergies, and just wants to go for the throat with the foge and baddest Monster around.

One of the most solid and consistent Monsters of the game, I’ll say.

Oh, and you re-roll the dice against Death and Daemons things the ones with Bravery 10so it isn’t useless against them. In other words, most enemies cannot hurt it reliably and if they don’t kill it fast enough, it’ll charge them, eat their sorry asses and fully recover. It still does provide very useful bonuses for Greenskinz and it’s no slouch in combat, if it ever reaches the enemy lines instead of chasing a Gryph-Hound or something. Pretty fast, but badly armored, and not killy enough.

Also regenerates when inflicting damage and ignores water and swamp-type scenery.