Formula Student Electric Rules Brake Over-Travel Switch (Specific FSG change of Formula SAE® Rule B ). ARTICLE 1: FORMULA STUDENT OVERVIEW AND COMPETITION – as article 1 from FSAE Rules except. Formula Student permits students to compete. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of Contents.

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2015 FSAE Rules students.sae.org /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format

Additionally, the team will be required to submit such documentation as the organizers may require in advance of the acceptance of any future registration. Teams may choose to use that style of impact attenuator and need not submit test data with their IAD Report. Bill, could you elaborate why the proposed change of the Economy Scoring was not integrated?

Please watch for announcements. The shifter or shift mechanism may not be removed unless it is integral with the steering wheel and is removed with the steering wheel. In order to have a protest considered, a team must post a twenty-five 25 point protest bond which will be forfeited if their protest is rejected. The officials and SAE staff will make every effort to fully review all 20122 and resolve problems and discrepancies quickly and equitably.

Team Captain Role — Each team must have at least one person identified on fsaeonline as the Team Captain. Also, multiple panels may be rulss to form the firewall but must be sealed at the joints. Teams may not protest rule interpretations or actions that have not caused them any substantive damage.

Students can join SAE online at: Published by August Miller Modified over 2 years ago.

We also recognize that there can be differences in the interpretation of rules, the application of penalties and the understanding of procedures. Gules support tube must terminate at a node of the chassis.

Formula SAE Rules par daum – FSAE Rules pdf – Fichier PDF

Items such as the size and composition of the front roll hoop, when integrally bonded to the monocoque, must be proven with documentation that shows dimensions on the tubes and pictures of the dimensioned tube being included in the layup. All driver restraint systems must meet SFI Specification User Name Remember Me?


The competitions themselves give teams ruoes chance to demonstrate and prove both their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to teams from other universities around the world.

Registration for each FSAE competitions closes as soon as the registration limit is reached. Team members who have graduated during the seven 7 month period prior to the competition remain eligible to participate.

Tech Sheet pg1 shown Each team receives these forms 4 pgs at registration, and will bring them to you. Registration Forgot your password? Figure 1c 95th Percentile Male Template Dimensions A two dimensional template used 0212 represent the 95th percentile male is made to the fsaw dimensions: Carbs not allowed for boosted engines.

Bracing loads must not be fed solely into the engine, transmission or differential, or through suspension components. Although most visa applications seem to go through without an unreasonable delay, occasionally teams have had difficulties and in several instances visas were not issued before the competition. Can we expect this rule to change for ?

Curious alumni Monash Motorsport. The seat may NOT be removed.

РЕГЛАМЕНТ англ – Стр 2

Section EV is gsae based on the rules for the electric classes at Formula Student UK and Formula Student Germany with modifications implemented following a review by an international group of electric engineering experts.

That makes me relieved because our drivers as tall as the 95th percentile male. The only teams that would change their powertrain based on economy vs efficiency are those small handful of teams I can think of maybe 2 or 3 who’s main fssae goal is winning fuel economy. This assembly may be a single welded structure, multiple welded structures or a combination of composite and welded structures.

This includes, but is not limited to, the heat-treating facility used, the process applied, and the fixturing used. The challenge to teams is to develop a vehicle that can successfully compete in all the events described in the FSAE Rules. Baseline steel properties used for calculations to be submitted in an SES may not be lower than the following: Volunteer judges evaluate all the required submissions and it is essential that they have enough time to complete their work. If it is welded to the Front Bulkhead, it must extend at least to the centerline of the Front Bulkhead tubing.


Details of the composite lay-up technique as well as the structural material used cloth type, weight, and resin type, number of layers, core material, and skin material if metal must also be submitted. Generally the following items should be possible to be confirmed by the technical inspector: Email confirmations to teams are not sent A8. The Technical Standards referenced in the Collegiate Design Series rules, along with other standards with reference value, will be accessible online to registered teams, team members and faculty advisors.

It typically takes at least 1 working day between the time you complete an on-line SAE membership application and our system recognizes you as rule to register your team. Most required documents must be submitted in a format specified in the individual event rules or using a prescribed form. Adjustment to engine operating parameters, e. After the first month of registration any untaken slots at any of the competitions will be available to any team on a first come, first serve basis.

This must be proven by a fae test by measuring the force required to pull or push a 25mm 1 inch diameter object through a sample of laminate and the results include in the SES T3. We do not issue letters of invitation.