The Garden of Emunah: A Practical Guide to Life By Rabbi Shalom Arush Translated by Brody, Rabbi Lazer Emuna–faith–is the cornerstone for every Jew. The Garden Of Emuna has ratings and 20 reviews. Tina said: This was a fantastic book to read. I loved the simplicity of it and how it really lays out. The Garden of Emuna New Expanded Edition! This incredible best-seller is your ultimate practical guide to life! Discover the power of emuna and get powerful.

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It teaches you a bunch of profound things about some of life’s biggest questions, including why ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people; how to keep smiling when you’re going through a tough patch; and how to break out of negative thought patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in ‘self-destruct’ mode. The Garden Of Emuna: It is truly a gift. Questions and comments can emnuah sent to publications lazerbrody.

Garden of Emunah is no exception. Although Rabbi Arush occasionally does seem to hit the nail on the head, I find much more often his assessments are trite and unrealistic.

Garden of Emuna – Book Review – R’Shalom Arush | Patently Jewish

Samuel Jerome rated it it was amazing Jul 11, After reading this amazing book I have become more aware of my surroundings and how I tend to be reactive. Both men are IDF alumni with impressive military qualifications.

Francis Lynn farden it it was amazing Oct 01, The Jewish Press — JewishPress. Rabbi Shalom Arush heads the Chut Shel Chesed yeshiva system in Israel, sharing the joys of Breslov Chassidut with rabbinic-studies students and society at large.


Or click here to close it. Please comment Email Facebook Google Twitter. Sep 18, Jennifer Thompson-Thalasinos rated it it was amazing.

One of the best books in this genre I have ever read. One of the most profound books I have ever read! Refresh and try again. This book is interesting.

Apr 02, Stephanie Corbett rated it it was amazing. When you ask for emunah and ask for things on a spiritual level he says that such things are almost always granted. It translates Heavenly Messages into easily understood, readily acceptable concepts.

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Torah and mitzvos are a vehicle to have emuna and that is the purpose of life. Something Random from the Week.

Nothing occurs to one’s life and existence out of the blue. Jul 23, Rivka Levy rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is both very knowledgeable and very accessible. It made me realize that everything happens in life for a reason. A must-read for spiritual seekers of any background, who really want to know how the world works, and what God wants from us.

One can have emunah without Torah and do mitzvos without really having emunah … the taste of wine without the cup, or the cup without the wine.

This book is truly life changing! The author does well at explaining his case, but I just don’t accept it fully. It strengthened my faith in G-d and in turn, affected my life in such a positive way. Sep 23, Ellen rated it did not like it. With emuna, there is no anger. So, I can tackle level one without too much trouble. Page will show you that Hashem will pick up the tab for your modest expense.

Dov Bigio rated it liked it May emunxh, Comparing faith to a garden, this book leads the reader into the lush, fragrant world of true emuna–an existence marked by its exquisite limitlessness and a manner of living that is harmonious with God’s will. He also makes a lot of assumptions.


It helped put some things in perspective that I’ve struggled with since losing my husband in the San Bernardino terrorist if. Reading The Garden of Emuna has definitely shed a light on the This is definitely a very powerful book. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The Garden Of Emuna

I discovered that when my mind begins to wander off deep into thought, my thoughts can easily run lose, in all directions, eventually leaving my inner self feeling disappointment. This is one of the most life-transforming books you’ll ever read. Pages explain part of the issue garrden black and white: Oct 28, Judit Gueta rated it it garrden amazing.

Reading The Garden of Emuna has definitely shed a light on the source that reaches deep into my soul which I will name it “certainty”. Very basic but important ideas throughout. The rest is applications of the principle applied to different situations.

Buy this book and find intelligent answers to what the aggravation is all about plus how tarden end it as you heal your wounded heart. May 19, Craig Lewis added it. Alexa rated it liked it Jan 01, It would, however, be easier to agree with all of the points if one were Jewish, like the author, but that’s just my opinion.