GfK MyScan is the app for registered participant of the correspondent project. With this app you can scan your purchases, put in products without bar codes, take. Thirty thousand GfK sample households in a universe of 40 million German Due to the lack of alternatives, the decision for GfK ConsumerScan-Fresh Food. Data sources: GfK Retail Panel / *, Ø annual change, value in EUR million. Average Data source: GfK Consumer Scan (CP+), * MAT11/,.

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Don’t fill this field! Never go out of fashion Is sustainability familiar? Focustopics Living and working — is everything in its right place?

Mobility trends show that consumers value things which support their modern way of life and make their day-to-day lives easier. Will the couple at the gvk of this Focustopic have their food delivered direct to their house by drone in future? Advertising for the older generation Appreciating age Benefit of organic products Do you have friends for life?

More than a buzzword E-commerce for everyday consumables: The washing convenience segment also experienced significant quantitative increases: The market for organic food is ahead in terms of sales: If you look at sales over consumerrscan long period of time, you can identify consumer and lifestyle trends which have been adopted by consumers.

Now, instead of desktop devices, much smaller items such as sports bands and watches offering many digital functions are being produced to save even more space. Smartphone fever takes hold Purchasing power and online potential: However, given that the organic movement has already been around for some time, sales are already relatively high.


Skip to main content. Stay competitive A mobile world — without mobile payments? GfK drives its consumersxan digitalization through acquisition of digital panel specialist Netquest. The challenges facing the consumersccan Travel trends: The consumer world changes so quickly nowadays — at least it feels like it does; especially since digitization has had an increased effect on our day-to-day cpnsumerscan. They are also doing something for the environment at the same time.

Consumer Panels

In any given household, anywhere in Germany, just after the alarm clock goes off: Barometer of concerns in Europe Sustainable consumption Purchasing decisions: After you have stuffed yourself with hamburgers, spare ribs or even pulled pork, you might feel like having a superfood day.

Focustopics Marketing Challenges: There you will discover specific reports on what might enthrall us in the world of tomorrow.

The charts regarding ‘consumption trends’ can be downloaded here ca. Security still in first place.

Ecological aspects also play an increasingly important role when it comes to buying clothes. Please keep it civil! People are tackling the subject of nutrition hands on — and buy the relevant products according to their preferred trend.

I post, therefore I like A German shopping week Moving forward with security.

Here you can find the latest insights for Consumer panels. Along with this type of leisure activity, more and more adult consumers are entertaining themselves with a past-time which used to be only for children. They remain incredibly popular: GfK in your country Contact Blog.


Consumer Panel | GfK Global

Our international consumer panel research expertise provides you with smart customer insights into who your consumers are, their attitudes and behaviors, across all channels. Who really wants DVDs gathering dust in their living room after they have consumerrscan been watched once?

Increasingly well connected Sustainability: Coloring in mandalas or other pre-drawn pictures with sharpened coloring pencils. What is the meaning of price? Eat yourself healthy and save energy Many consumers are interested in healthy eating — at least, according to figures from the manufacturers of healthy cooking appliances.

GfK has acquired Netquest, the leading access panel provider with strong presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Chic is a click away Economic outlook: Or will they simply print it out with a 3D printer? Later on, she will meticulously enter the number of calories into a smartphone app. Whilst it is true that these new options may lead some consumers to spend more time than usual on the sofa, this does not mean that household chores and gardening are being ignored: Justin Bieber uses it as a way to relax and many German consumers discovered this new trend for themselves: Every day, we see adverts for new products which are designed to make our lives simpler, more flexible or more connected.