Posts about Gioconda by Lucille Turner written by M.K. Tod. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gioconda proposes an elegant solution to the problem of why the Gioconda – Kindle edition by Lucille Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Gioconda [Lucille Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We know him as Renaissance genius: inventor, scientist, artist. Visionary.

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Gioconda by Lucille Turner

A novel of one of the greatest figures of all time Leonardo Da Vinci, I was expecting it to be full of scandal, dishonor and dilemmas. And he had a boy servant with whom his relations were far from chaste. A frustrating ending to an otherwise enjoyable read. He meet My favourite book of the year so far! Secondly, I totally discount the idea that Leonardo met and was attracted to Lisa at a young age.

Review: Fiction: Gioconda by Lucille Turner

If instead you are looking for emphasis on history and precise details describing the world of Leonardo da Vinci I wholeheartedly recommend The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone. It helps you see how his mind was way ahead of his time and how difficult he found it he rein in his ideas.

The Knights Templar were originally formed as guardians of the Holy Grail: What is more, more of what? Refresh and try again. As a solitary child, one of Leonardo’s few friends was Lisa, a girl who used to spy on him in his workshop.


An historical-fiction of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. Dublin Comic Con Longitude in pictures: Surely he is destined for power, but of what kind?

Gioconda: Lucille Turner – The Idle Woman

Most important of all we learn to rediscover the magic of our lives and nature once again. Lists with This Book.

More than ever, I find it necessary to emphasise that this is only my opinion. Turner explains the mystery by suggesting that Leonardo could never forget that Lisa witnessed one of his earliest and most gruesome experiments: Hardly surprising that author Dan Brown was drawn to the aura of legend that surrounded him.

Either it brought all its power to bear against the Turks and saved Eastern Christendom, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, or it cut off the limb that was weakening its body, and this, in the end, was what it did. The smile, it is said, is either a smile or it is not a smile.

Dracul, ruler of Wallachia present-day Romaniawill pay almost any price to save his country, but he will not surrender to the blackmail of the cardinals of Rome; he will not betray the Greeks. When I compare it with most of the tripe that sells well it says rather depressing things goiconda the average reader. August 27 5: There was a lucikle of information but not enough to drown me in it when I usually become bored.

Alyssa captured the moment her cousin was After the French Revolution it came to be housed at the Louvre. It was hard not to and the hotel did not disappoint; Lisa was on every wall of the lounge: We learn to see with wondrous amazement again.


Will I got given this in a giveaway and am ashamed to say I have only just read it as it got put on a pile and somehow forgotten. Without the context of the American Civil War, for example, Gone With the Wind would be nothing more than a love story.

If you want to get an idea of what he was probably like, what it was like to live in his times, and what inspired him I think this author does an amazing job. In the event, Sforza preferred to use the bronze to make cannon guns.

The descriptions of Leonardo’s thought process and unique perception of the world are well done. Sight must be processed; the old rules of linear perspective, which had marked the art of pre-Renaissance Italy so strongly, were incorrect.

As it is with the eyes in the portrait, it would seem to depend on who is looking and where they are looking at any one time.

But one day he will have to make a choice. Picture, if you can, the face of the portrait.