Although Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was founded in , it inherits a century-old legacy of classical bujutsu (warrior arts) used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Hakko. Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujutsu! We teach Adults and Youth of all ages. We practice the true meaning of self-defense and prevention under “Soke” Menkyo. Hakko Ryu is based on a philosophical view of the color spectrum as being divided into nine bands of light. The eighth shade is infrared, which is invisible to the.

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The “Gensoku” or principle behind each technique compensates for power. The aim of Hakko Ryu technique is to neutralize, control and discourage an attacker with techniques that employ minimal strength yet generate maximum efficiency. I still have a picture of us together! There are more stories concerning shuriken. Introduction From The Founder “The techniques of Hakkoryu are nothing but the pure self-protection instinct that prepares your spirit to face urgent matters of life and death. Seeing no place for advancement in the Daito-ryu school, and being hkko skilled medical and martial person, [4] Okuyama began to form his own system based on Daito-ryu Jujutsu and Daito-ryu Aiki no jutsu as well as his experience in other forms of bujutsu.

Swiss Taikai Schedule is here! No matter how hard they struggled to remain seated, one could just smile and grasp their pressure points and the students would become unable to remain sitting. Nidai Soke conducts extensive clinical training for practitioners, upon satisfactory completion of which he may award certification.


Hakko sent me an 8mm film, the students were bowing from seiza and he appeared in a hakama, just as I taught him. No Challenge – Idomazu. The school is now headed by his son who inherited the name Nidai Soke Okuyama Ryuho.

They need not learn the hand and accompanying foot techniques simultaneously first, running the risk of performing one or hxkko other incorrectly or worse, confusing themselves while trying to concentrate on two things at once. Okuyama Sensei created his system upon the belief that the successful application of technique verses the application of physical strength could overcome attacks in a self-defense context.

He would treat people as an osteopath he would teach that as well. Yoko Katate Osae Dori. Te Kagami – Hand Mirror. Enterprise in Japan, Varying degrees, directions, and kinds of pressure on Keiraku applied by a trained therapist can assist in balancing irregular and incorrect accumulations or deficiencies of Ki in a patient, allowing the patient to heal himself.

I had been taught enough Aiki techniques by Hosono Sensei, and I was in the period in which it was up to my own personal research. Are there people who come to study that are attracted to MMA?

Hidemine Jibiki – Hakko-ryu, Daito-ryu, the Road to Softness 2

Hakko-ryu is governed in an autocratic nature. Outside of Japan there are various individuals and organizations that claim to teach or have affiliation with Hakkoryu. Namikoshi was later to establish the now famous Nihon Shiatsu School in Tokyo. Fraudulent Claims For a list of past and present licensed Shihan, please see the certified Shihan list.


Our Hakkoryu Shodan-gi are designed to prepare one with basic rules to firmly put down such general assaults. Especially with non-Japanese disciples, at whatever level they may have attained in Hakkoryu, it is best and appropriate ry always consider oneself as simply a guest of Hakkoryu.

The first being to allow the student to learn perfectly the specific Gensoku principles of a particular technique so they know what makes it work and what prevents it from working.

After Yondan the system uses the older Koryu Menkyo licenses. What was your impression of Hosono Sensei? In other words, no matter what the circumstances, Sokaku was always prepared for war.

Hakko ryu jujutsu video

The eighth shade is infrared, which is invisible to the naked eye but extremely powerful, as are Hakko Ryu techniques. Does such a method exist? Hakkoryu is ryh separate and apart from Hakko Denshin Ryu and other schools who use the name “Hakko” within the name of their schools.

When the Allied bombings of Tokyo became too severe, hak,o and his followers fled the city and joined the Mount Haguro sect of Shugendo a mixture of esoteric Buddhism and Shintoism in Yamagata Prefecture.