Harmonic’s ProView is the world’s first single rack unit (1-RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler, multiformat video decoder and MPEG stream processor. Harmonic’s ProView™ is the industry’s first single-rack-unit, scalable, AVC (H) video decoders, the ProView is ideal for full. A Typical ProView Configuration Using the Front Panel. The Harmonic ProView is a single rack unit (1RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler.

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The name length limit is 32 characters. Aspect Ratio Conversion — selects proveiw aspect ratio conversion. Not available when the device is configured to pass-through the input stream to the output port.

San Jose, CAU. If you only have a single decoder then their is no Decoder no. Page 76 Spectral Inversion — Sets the mode of operation for the spectral inversion function.

Chapter 9 Contacting Harmonic Support The Harmonic Customer and Technical Support groups are available to help you with any questions or problems you may have regarding Harmonic products. The process of changing the active software version takes several minutes and requires a reboot.



Selecting Low Delay Mode 3. This parameter is set to 2 tries by default. Page 47 Redundancy Mode must be set to any mode but Off: Device Properties dialog — License tab To enter a new license code: Proivew Decoding Status page comprises the following: Page 8 Device Identification The Backup and Restore Configuration dialog displays, see Figure 7— The use and purchase of this product do not convey a license under any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any intellectual property rights of Harmonic.

The default is group 1. To descramble a program: Mark the Descramble with checkbox. Right-click the port in the Physical Input box.

Page 84 To set a port as the active port: The property of the various output tables in the multiplex output stream is detailed in 7. Click Create to confirm the program cross-connection.

Page Service Selection Mode drop-down menu options: YUV component signals used by analog composite systems. Confirm the confirmation dialog.

Also known as a card or a blade. Page Power ratio in decibels dB of the measured power referenced to one milliwatt. Selecting Low Delay Mode 5.

  0370B MCI PDF

Harmonic ProView PVR 7000 High Definition Decoder

Duplex Mode — You cannot change the Duplex Mode. The ratio of the amplitude power, volume of a data signal to the amount of noise interference in the line. Device Software Upgrade Properties 7. The Caution symbol calls your attention to information that, if ignored, can adversely affect the performance of your Harmonic product, or that can make 7000 procedure needlessly difficult.

Alarm Triggered — Use this mode to select individual alarms to toggle the relay. E Manual Part No. The EMS application installs. The TS identity and source multiplex numbers display after the output multiplex name.

Low Delay Mode automatically detects regular video streams that do not require Low Delay Mode and treats them accordingly. Page 42 Aspect Ratio Conversion — selects the aspect ratio conversion.