By Marie-Elyse Badeau Though condemned by the Nazi party, or maybe because of that very fact, Paul Hindemith’s music participated greatly. Hindemith’s only formally titled concerto for viola and full (though still small) to the song on which the finale is based, Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher?. Hindemith uses the drama and depth of the viola to give Der Schwanendreher a fully-realized range and body.

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Der Schwanendreher (Hindemith, Paul)

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Hindemith started composing Der Schwanendreher shortly after completing his opera Mathis der Maler Matthias the Painter. He explained that in this concerto he saw the soloist as an itinerant fiddler who comes among convivial company and plays for them the repertoire he has learned on his travels: Shed your leaves, little linden-tree!

It opens with a touching but intense duet for viola and harp on the song Nun laube, Lindlein, laube! Please obey the copyright laws schwanendeher your country.

Sign up for our Email Newsletter. This is going to be an exciting year for us, sharing our thoughts on life with the viola, and we look forward to any feedback and questions that might be schsanendreher. The Concerto’s title, translated as ‘The Swan turner’, comes from the name of the last and fourth German folk song used namely in the third movemententitled ‘Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher’ ‘Are you not the swan turner?

Paul Hindemith – Der Schwanendreher () – Eastman School of Music

February 21st, by AVS. It is for his great contribution to the repertoire of my instrument and his diversity as a composer that Hindemith stands by far as one of my favorite composers. There runs an open road: The Sxhwanendreher premiere was scheduled for 22 Januarywith the composer as soloist in London. February 5th, by AVS.


Der Schwanendreher, concerto for viola & small orchestra

Later, he worked as concertmaster of the opera of Frankfurt and founded with his brother the Amar quartet. This whimsical idea succinctly describes the procedures of the three movements: This composition draws its title from the final movement’s folk song base, “Aren’t you the swan turner?

It was composed in and premiered by the composer himself at a performance in Amsterdam on 14 November Serious and light-hearted songs, a dance for closing.

Must let it go. The most important things to remember when you practice it for an audition are how you want the jury or the audience to remember your playing and how the actual writing, and the respect of it, can help you achieve what you want. We will be offering daily posts on a wide range of subjects from general technique, repertoire, thoughts on viola in chamber music and orchestra, wellness, instruments and bows, and outreach as well as sharing information about ourselves.

Volklieder der Deustchen nach Wort und Weise aus dem From the initial cells of the root-heart out to the utmost leaf of the foliage … the Schwanendreher is natural in its liveliness … you can use this new work of Hindemith to measure any modern music whatever.

It represents the industrial era in which Hindemith lived and is often called Motorikin reference to the sound of the new motors invading the new century. Hindemith Foundation Wikipedia article. Finally, the first chord is a problem for most of us.

In Der SchwanendreherHindemith eliminates the violin and viola sections of the orchestra, which leaves only cellos and basses to the ensemble. Konzertmusik for Brass and String Orchestra Symphony: The title of this famous concerto may seem weird at first.


The viola only gets a fragment of the tune at the very end of the movement, in the coda. Are you not the man himself? Complete Orchestral Works, Vol.

By his inspiration and skill he extends and embellishes the melodies like a true musician, experimenting and improvising. Are you not the swan turner? The variety hindemmith instrumentations, textures, and rhythmic re-interpretations of the theme creates very playful and colorful sonorities.

If you want to learn more about the other movements, I encourage you to read this article by Libror Ondras on the JavsOnline!

Viola concertos Compositions by Paul Hindemith Compositions for viola and orchestra compositions.

The melancholic folk tune appears as a chorale in the woodwinds, where every phrase is intercepted by recitative-like declamations of the viola. The work was written on the heels of the composer’s monumental, medieval-themed opera Mathis der Maler ; it is thought, in schwandndreher, that Hindemith ‘s research for that work led him to the songs employed in Der Schwanendreher.

Now shed your leaves, little linden!

Nobilissima Visione; Der Schwanendreher; Trauermusik. Feelings of fear, anxiety, and loss, but also hope for a better future and willingness for finding light in the midst of darkness. In spite of their many dissonances, his compositions stay tonal and tend to develop more and more little motives. Then you are not the swan turner.