DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS (IMM F). Citoyenneté et. Immigration Canada. Citizenship and. Immigration Canada. Medical Report: Section B. Functional. Medical Report – Medical Report forms IMM and IMM are used to record the results of DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS (IMM F). Citoyenneté et. Posts about IMM written by JESSICA YUAN. IMM Medical report ( Revised); IMM Assessment of Activities of Daily Living.

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RMOs may require additional information to complete the medical assessment. The furtherance request is transferred to eMedical. Panel physicians may enter this information in the comments section or attach a report to the IME. Acronyms and Definitions Chapter 2: Panel members, depending on their field of work, are authorized to perform IMEs, arrange for diagnostics and investigations, and complete immigration medical forms.

The panel physician completes 54119 additional examination s or generates a referral letter containing the information that will be sent to a specialist for the required investigation s. EDE clients include refugees, refugee claimants and certain family classes and individuals with protected person status. Termination CIC retains complete authority over the management of the panel member network.

Panel members may request a reconsideration of a termination letter. Client photographs are essential for ensuring that there is no substitution at any time during the lifecycle of the IME and that the person fdancais undergoes the IME is the same frandais who is applying for entry to Canada.

Additional cost to the client may occur if e. The chest x-ray must contain the following information: Refugee overseas clients are also EDE. Resettlement Needs Assessment Form. Screen for skin cancer, leprosy, surgical scars, tattoos and piercings. It is not necessary for clients to use the Act to obtain a copy of the results of their own IME. Panel members may retire or request removal from the panel network at any time.

  ASTM E1155 PDF

Frontal x-rays should be placed upside down with the left ventricle on the left side, and stapled behind the IME on the top left corner.

Panel Members’ Handbook –

EDE clients are those who are exempted from assessment of excessive demand on the Canadian health care rrancais. Refer to the IMEIs for additional details. Treatment for latent TB should be recommended for contacts as per instructions. Panel members may wish to advertise their IME services by creating their own website or distributing printed material, in which case the following instructions apply:.

The form will include two client identifiers: Legislation related to the Immigration Medical Examination. Panel members should be aware of the following legislation as it relates to immigration and the requirements with respect to medical examinations and inadmissibility on health grounds.

The panel physician reviews the radiologist report and grading.

Fees will reflect local conditions and service charges. Panel members who perform IME-related activities must follow the procedures below for copies and files as well as ikm original documents and information. This section explains how CIC will deal with incidents, complaints and quality assurance concerns. If health case has been submitted this screening will be requested as a furtherance process by the RMO. If the response is deemed satisfactory, the panel member will be informed of the decision and be reinstated with appropriate recommendations.

Panel physicians should not refuse to examine these clients.

Proof of treatment information may either be included in the General Supporting comments of the syphilis test section or a report may be attached to the IME. Screening iimm clients below the ages indicated may also be required.

Forms List

Paper-based Panel Clinics Clinic staff must print and provide the form to the client. If, during an IME, a panel member has a disagreement with a client, or confusion arises or an event occurs that might compromise client service, panel members should report these incidents to the RMO.


Specific questions about the IME process could include the following: This chapter of the Handbook provides information, instruction and reference material for panel members operating in Canada. In certain cases, CIC may approve a non-panel physician. Panel physicians must complete this form for all clients in the refugee overseas category.

The panel radiologist or authorized radiology staff forward the chest x-rays and the report to the panel physician. These identifiers allow CIC to perform quality assessments of their work.

Hypertension PDF In order to comply with legislation, the IME forms, in some instances, require clients to consent to the disclosure of their personal health information to third parties. Until laboratories are designated by CIC, panel physicians are responsible for ensuring that the laboratories they use: All anticipated absences from IME activities over 7 calendar days must be brought to the attention of the RMO and, where possible, an estimated date of return to work should be provided to ensure that appropriate information is provided for the clients.

Panel physician New term used for a medical doctor designated to perform, grade and submit IMEs. The IME forms and requirements for this refugee group are the same as for other immigrants.

Any identity concerns must be documented either in eMedical or on paper forms. On occasion, the media may become interested in the IME of a particular individual and contact the panel member for information.

For refugee claimants in Canada, select the category family EDE, and scan and attach the document provided by the client.

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