View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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mamual Page 30 Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld ComputerUnderstanding the Status LightsThe status lights on the CK30 turn on to indicate the status ofthe battery, a successful decode of a bar code, or a user-definedfunction.

This command is for a terminal in the window and 16×9 display mode.

Make sure you are using one of the supported input devices and that you have selected the correct scanner model using the Interme Utility. Each time the Avalanche Enabler is activated typically on awarm bootthe CK30 attempts to connect to the AvalancheAgent.

Code — Appendix Bar Code Symbologies Code 93 The introduction of Code 93 provided a higher density alphanumeric symbology designed to supplement Code This describes the menus that set operating and scanning parameters for the PC.

Extended commands govern abilities unique to terminals. SmartSystems Console will tell you that it is installing the upgrade on your CK The AD2 dock charges the batteries, provides power to thecomputer, provides one Ethernet connector, and provides aserial port for each inserted CK For example, you can run an LED test to determine if your CK30 lights are working correctly or you can view how much of a charge you have left in your main battery.


If the Battery light comes on, check the taskbar to see which battery icon appears on it. Page After a bar code is placed in a field, any subsequent read replaces the first read. To return to the Main Menu, press the [Enter] key several times, then se- lect 6 Exit Menus, to return to the operating system. For help, contact your local Intermec representative. The Keypad settings screen appears SCR to the terminals in groups of 10 or less.

Page 27 Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld ComputerUnderstanding the Screen IconsUse the screen icons on the status bar to see the battery status,network connections, and special keys or functions you may beusing.

Use this chapter to solve problems you may encounter while using the CK This folder is the recommended locationfor placing your application install files. Who Should Read This Document?

Intermec CK30 Quick Start Manual

For 17XX Terminals, 3 Beeper Select directs the au- dio output to the internal buzzer or to a headset. Page 43 Use the following diagram to find the commands you need to use to configure your CK30s.

Press orange B and then E repeatedly until you reach the desired contrast level. Code 39 Code 39 C39 is the most widely used symbology among the industrial bar codes. Notes either provide manula information about a topic or contain special instructions for handling a particular condition or set of circumstances. Plus, if you are using an integrated handle or a tethered scanner, the way you scan bar codes is different.

Don’t have an account? You need to replace the battery now.


Intermec CK30 User Manual – Page 1 of |

WPA- PSK is a good solution for small offices or home offices that do not want to use an authentication server. To search for your local representative, from the Intermec web site, click Contact.

To charge and install the battery 1 Charge the CK30 battery in one of these two ways: The window positioning feature is turned on. Indexstandard range laser scannerparameters, statusbar, described, 14beeps, 19troubleshooting, 97checking battery, 7lights, understanding, 18storing intermed application on the CK30, 61support, calling Intermec, xswitch, reset, switching applications, 75symbologies, bar codedefault, 20supported, System Diagnostics menu, 82System Main Menuaccessing, 70changing the password, 77exiting, 70removing password, 78setting a password to protect, 76system power, information on, 92TTask.

The lights blink onetime each and then they blink five times each. The Auto-Forward Tab will automatically advance to the next input field after processing bar code data.

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Intermec CK30 Programmer’s Manual pages. Page 63 Press Enter. Index keypad continued maximizing battery life, 7 using color-coded keys, 12 memory Keypad Test, diagnostic dk30, diagnostics, storage, To enable Caps Lock 1 Press the orange B key.

Don’t have an account? Page 67 3 Press Cj30. To send and receive configuration data or files, you need to write a host application that can communicate with the Intermec Gateway or DCS 30X.