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Is anyone aware of a toolkit, from NI or a third party, which implements ISO -5 (OSEK) Network Management with hardware compatabile. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering ISO Road vehicles Open interface for embedded automotive applications Part 5: OSEK/VDX Network Management (NM).

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It has also produced other related specifications.


OSEK was designed to provide a standard software architecture for the various electronic control units ECUs throughout a car. OSEK is an open standardpublished by a consortium founded by the automobile industry. OSEK systems are expected to run on chips without memory protection. Features of an OSEK implementation can be usually configured at compile-time.

The number of application tasks, oso, mutexesetc.


Basic tasks never block; they “run to completion” coroutine. Enhanced tasks can sleep and block on event objects.

The events can be triggered by other tasks basic and enhanced or interrupt routines. Only static priorities are allowed for tasks.

BS ISO 17356-2:2005

Deadlocks and priority inversion are prevented by priority ceiling i. Comment – Two of the above claims are contradictory: It uses priority ceilingwhich states: In preemptive scheduling, a task can always be preempted by means of a higher sio task.

In non-preemptive scheduling, a task can only be preempted in prefixed compile-time points cooperative scheduling. A mixed mode is also possible.

OSEKtime specifies a standard for optional time-triggered real-time operating systems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Automotive and Embedded Networks

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