Kadamattom Chruch: this is a very famous and old church of Kadamattathu Kathanar. many stories are made on this church and Kathanar. – See 43 traveler . Kadamattathu Kathanar (Christian priest of Kadamattathu church) is a legendary person whose legends are closely related to the beginning of the Kadamattam. The eventful life story of the powerful priest, Kadamattathu Kathanar.. Glimpses of Kerala. Tourist Spots. Ernakulam. Tourist. Videos.

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They were organised as the Province of Iadamattathu in the 8th century, served by Nestorian bishops, Saint Thomas Christians represent a kkadamattathu ethnic group. Well I guess I will ask him to take away the madness of the bad kind and to let madness of the good kind remain. It is believed that he mastered his magical powers from these cannibal tribes known as Mala Arayas living in subterranean abodes.

Retrieved from ” https: She was released from her tame self by mistake and the priest is said to have followed her all the way to Mannar near Parumala.

The name kadamathathu made up of three Malayalam words, Moonnu, which stands for three, aaru, small river, and puzha, which means river. Kadamattathu Kathanar used to live in a house that was located on this site. Their chieftain who became fond of Poulose, allowed him to stay with them for many years during which time he learnt the strange secrets of magical performances and supernatural sorcery.


Kathanar Saves Emily

But soon the priest realized that Deacon Poulose, who went in search of kadaattathu cattle, did not return. High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam. The name dates to the period of Portuguese colonization and they are also known, especially locally, as the Nasrani or Nasrani Mappila. Ask jacogeo about Kadamattom Chruch.

Deacon — Deacon is a ministry in Christian Churches that is generally associated with service of some kind, but which varies among theological and denominational traditions. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. His body was buried in Kadamattom Church. The church and the property was a gift by the ‘Ayikunathu Karthas’, the then prominent Nair family of Kadamattom.


Though the villagers thought that he kathanr killed by the tiger, the priest believed that he was still alive somewhere. Furious that such practices were unheard of in the Christian faith, he burnt up all the palm leaf manuscripts with the spells.

Mar Sabor the Bishop who ordained him as a priest left from Kadamattom after the arrival of Paulose. Attraction details Recommended length of visit: In due course he was ordained as a Deacon and people began to call him Deacon Poulose.

Suresh Babu Directed by T. This meaning of the term was adopted by Latin in the first century BCE. Father Eldose handed us an ancient manuscript which we promptly gave back!

The story of Kadamattathu Kathanar might be a mixture of history and fables.


Search parties went out in different directions that night. Word had spread about the magical powers of the priest and it had reached his ears.

Kadamattathu Kathanar is believed to have buried a grape seed in front of the bishop, made the grape vines sprout and produce fresh grapes for him. Paulose later escaped from there after which the Mala Arayas searched for him in vain. He got state-level recognition as the Chairman of Chamber of Kadamagtathu, in its entire history, he is the only Communist member elected to the Parliament from the constituency.

Neeli Kills Meprad Thirumeni

He had no siblings and his parents died when he was a child. On an average, there are rainy days in a year, the maximum average temperature of the City in the summer season is 33 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature recorded is Ask Rexy14 about Kadamattom Chruch. The architecture of the church is an ancient one with a Nadakasala like those found in temples. Aaru is a word that is used for rivers in the kadamatyathu half of Kerala.

The reason behind the name is a well near the boundary wall of the church. Show reviews that mention.