Available to authorized students of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who have received the appropriate empowerment and reading transmission. This manual is . This e-book serves as a guideline for the Kurukulla Dakini Practice. . article does not represent the official TBS Kurukulla Practice Sadhana. Kurukulla Sadhana Dujom Rinpoche – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The arrow is red and radiates brilliant light. She also has the power of subjugation.

By turning the bow and arrow to the eight directions including backwards, then up and down, the effect will be tremendous. Kurukulla does not only possess arrows. The new policies apply to all programs that start after January 1, But really, why go to all the effort?

With each of these four magical kkurukulla there exists an elaborate system of correspondences. She was also taken into Hinduism for her name is found among the one thousand epithets of Mahadevi in the Lalita-sahasra-namah.

Link for the Blessed Ones.

It is said that many highly accomplished practitioners had taken Kurukulla as their principal deity and attained Buddhahood in their lifetime as a result.

In their midst, from the syllable PAM appears a red lotus blossom. Kurukulla in the Sakyapa Tradition. In the Nyingmapa Terma tradition, she occurs in her two or four-armed form. Her pure land is in a cave in rock. Vasundahara and Jambhala are examples of deities with these functions.


I can also say with some confidence that sqdhana a level of dedication to Buddhism proper, no one is going to teach you Tantra, minus going to a center that maybe does a public tara practice or similar, and practicing with others.

A Buddha not needing bodhicitta is something unheard of. But generally, in the West, there is a prejudice against magic, especially in Protestant Christian cultures, which makes it difficult for people to understand the ancient Indian and the Tibetan approach to these matters.

White Tara is an example of a deity that specifically has this white function. Many dakinis surround him as a retinue. In sahana real sense, she represents the empowerment of the feminine in a patriarchal kyrukulla. That is the standard answer I believe from a Dharma point of view, those with a syncretic viewpoint might say otherwise. If one is in the field of religion, one can undertake the path of Buddhism and become the founder of a sect.

Kurukulla Unification Sadhana

She is red in color, with a single face and four arms. If one blows a puff of air at a person one dislikes, he or she will quickly be transferred elsewhere.

To provide wealth for everyone. Everything comes from the earth. Anjana-siddhi mig-rtsithe power to remove ordinary lack of sight by using a magical ointment that enables the user to see Devas, Nagas, and other spirits. Without a teacher to kuurkulla you, or the correct motivation, either the practice will produce no fruit or it will just be another means to strengthen and fortify sadhhana dualising tendencies.


The key cultivation formula for Kurukulla Practice is to arrange five red candles and five red flowers together when practicing. Text written or picture border in blue indicates web link. She wears a necklace of fifty freshly severed human heads dripping blood because she vanquishes the fifty negative emotions.

Dharma Wheel

Moreover, there exists a sadhana text attributed to him for the red Kurukulla in her eight-armed form. Kurukulla will also appear kurululla times in the retinues of other deities. At the popular level, this greatly added to the appeal of Buddhism. She is mentioned in two other places in the second chapter of Part I v. Sunday, March 29th If so, you should study more and as Johnny said focus on cultivating the proper altrusitic motivation, and seriously consider if this may be a path you want sadahna commit to.