An accurate translation of what? In trying to answer that question, think specifically: a translation of what manuscript, or codex? If you cannot answer that, then. George M. Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta is not a new Bible but a new translation of distinction. He has eliminated errors that crept in. The Lamsa Bible is not Christian at all. It is Lamsa’s own blend of occultic ideas made to look a lot like the King James Bible.

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As the regular old King James Version was the one Bkble read after I converted, I have been searching since for something which preserves the beauty of this language in a slightly updated version.

The dark, deep, blue leather goes perfectly with the incredibly ornate golden designs on the front and back.

asia – Why does Iglesia ni Cristo use the Lamsa Bible? – Christianity Stack Exchange

They use Acts Post as a guest Name. Yeah, it makes me cringe. While Lamsa’s claims are rejected by the academic community his biblle remains the best known of Aramaic to English translations of the New Testament. Gible are the main reasons Iglesia ni Cristo uses the Lamsa Bible and how is this translation viewed by “mainstream” scholars with a traditional approach to biblical scholarship? There are very few actual fanatics but there appear to be more because they are so vocal.


Holy Bible – Aramaic Translation by George M. Lamsa

If you are only able to find one version, bilbe expanded or not expanded Old Time Gospel Bbible either will be an excellent choice. I have come not to bring peace, but a sword” the sword doesn’t mean war, but division. Yet again it is not God but Christ who purchased His church with his own blood.

In this edition of the King James bible there is a publishers preface of 8 pages just before the Apocrypha section, which is sandwiched between the old and new testament. The Eye of the Needle is a very small entrance into Lama. I don’t almsa get that when I hear folk couch it in those terms.

It looks like you’re using an Ad Blocker. Interesting, I wonder what other differences we can find between the two Bible translations; possibly more accurate references to the “Annunaki” and the miracles of “Jesus”? The Apostles Bible is a good version which I have read and own. This proves that whoever translated it to Greek, most likely used the wrong translation, as “rope” makes much more sense in this context.

The Lamsa Bible Controversy, page 1

Peace, SkyFloating, you are “aces” with me. Don’t know much about the Lamsa Bible, but I do know that “the devil made me do it,” is ridiculous as an excuse.

I mean the meanings are essentially the same, but Matthew transcribes them better probably because Matthew was written first in Hebrew, whereas Luke was written in Greek and Luke focuses on actions.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Really it works either way, but speck ,amsa plank is more dramatic. Leather Bound Verified Purchase. Can you provide some references to church materials that support your statements here?


Start reading Holy Bible: Seen negatively, its a conspiracy of keeping power at the expense of others. The translator grew up in the Middle East speaking Aramaic exposed to customs manners and a language similar to those in the time of Jesus.

Why does Iglesia ni Cristo use the Lamsa Bible? Personally, I think Matthew is superior and older in it’s wording than Luke which was more concerned with history and actions then words.

Retrieved from ” https: I was under the impression that it was widely accepted that the bible was altered. Title page to the King James Version.

I’ve read parts of the Messianic Jewish Translation en. I fall down often, but I also get some things right. Sign up using Facebook. This would mean Matthew Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

This view is not mainstream and certainly controversial among fundamentalist Christians.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Christian family members will disagree with or renounce the values of their family and their family will persecute them. You should meet some of the Christians I know: I spent a few years deeply involved in the new age community.