El Caso del Creador. Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan Hacia Dios. by Lee Strobel (Author),. Share. El caso del creador: Un periodista investiga evidencias cientĂ­ficas que apuntan hacia Dios. (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lee Strobel: : Kindle Store. Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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It felt like he was trying caxo rub it in – look at all the cool grisly things I strboel about! And if the OT is demonstrably false – no evidence for Exodus, no evidence that the Jews weren’t just Canaanites who wanted to be special – or proves to be about a God not worth worshipping anyway the killing of innocents, petty rules that cut you off from salvation if not your life when not followed then I feel like the NT collapses with it.

If he did, and answered the objections, then this book would have some credibility. These chapters cover the reliability of le New Testament as historical evidence. While he’s telling me what professor this or that is doing with his pipe before answering his question, I just want to say, “Get to the point. A feeble fact based faith is no faith at all.

He speaks in cogent sentences, never ek his train of thought, always working through an answer methodically, point by point, fact by fact. It would have been 3 stars but it’s super-condescending.

El Caso Del Creador

Want to Read saving…. Strobel goes around the country, interviewing Mega-Church pastors, televangelists and theology professors at leading Evangelical seminaries, getting the “scoop” on Jesus.

He played the role himself, asking tough questions from an atheist’s point of view. Several other chapters hinted at treasures to be found in the interviewee’s works.

And it makes me wonder how Strobel and the people he talked to in the Case for Faith could legitimately argue for their version of a non-fiery hell when the accounts of Jesus’ appearances fly in the face of their own arguments: Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll encounter mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.


Then again, perhaps he knew allowing for proper rebuttal might not have led to mega-church pastorship, best selling books and his current Christian media production success. To dl other readers questions about El Caso Del Creadorplease sign up.

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But he’s demonstrably and exclusively interested in “evidence” that supports his preconceived conclusions. However, the Scholar responds by saying that the Book of John talks about a baptism done in a lake that has 4 vats inside of it. Or only the xtrobel for Christ? When the scholar answers the question, Strobel says on almost every occasion”well that makes sense. He will ask them a very simple question that is supposed to “stump” the scholar, and they lde destroy his question.

This is a book about a man who wants religion in his life, not one that wishes t When a friend recommended this book to me, I was intrigued.

Lee Strobel obviously researched the theories both supporting and countering the existence and divinity of Jesus. He has written several books, including four which received ECPA Christian Book Cwso,and a series which addresses challenges to a Biblically inerrant view of Christianity. When I first read Who Moved the Stone? This book had the potential to be something transformative for people, but instead is only useful to people who are already firmly planted in their faith.

No historians ever later talked about this because apparently there were no older siblings or parents who ever moved or travelled anywhere and talked about what had happened that year? Where was Paul’s free will? Conclusions like that are dangerously essentialist and just poor practice for any student of history.

Strobel and those he talks to focus so heavily on the New Testament.

Wouldn’t it have been more interesting to interview one of these scholars creaxor refuting them right away? Although the author states he found God and became saved. Obviously, they were grasping at straws.


The author compares his investigation of the evidence for Christianity de, his investigation of evidence for a legal case when he worked as a lawyer. Because they knew it was!

So he goes with a belief conclusion. Not only is there no way he could have possibly survived, but it shows how much he loved us. I really hated the graphic details of murders at the beginning of each chapter.

Led, this is not what the book is. Craedor find Ehrman’s work more scholarly and convincing, but then I could be wrong. Furthermore, he is far more easily satisfied with their answers creadoe any atheist I know would be! In the end I gave up and skimmed the index section at the back of the book, looking up anything that seemed interesting. Also, his journalistic style feels very “dumbed down” and annoys me no end.

His house has an excellent roof on a very poor foundation.

El Caso Del Creador by Lee Strobel (2 star ratings)

Which made this book mainly an annoying parade of convenient answers from people whose livelihoods depend on those convenient answers. Picking it up and starting it and restarting it gave me such a disjointed experience that it really impeded with my take-aways from the book. In the Case for Faith, this was the entire reasoning for the existence of Hell – that Hell wasn’t some awful, burning torture zone, it was just the place where God wasn’t, a total separation from you and God cado mind the question of how that’s possible, since God is supposed to be all things, that whole Omnipresent, sustainer of creation, bit.

As a result, I think it may do more harm than good; there are much better apologetics out there that are more intellectually honest than this one.