Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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Such an electoral disposition would have obstructed independents 63 were elected ineliminated some smaller parties from national representation 56 parties currently have less than 5 seats, including 31 with only 1 seat and, as such, would have put an end to the necessity of political alliances which has dominated parliamentary life elsctorale this legislature.

Voter Registration

This waived the requirement that the winning presidential candidate needs more than 50 per cent in the first round to avoid a second round and allowed a candidate to win the presidency with less than 50 per cent of votes.

For President Kabila, whose attempts to retain power face stiff domestic and international opposition — or for a successor Kabila anoints — Bemba represents a threat. Related Tags Democratic Republic of Congo. Hide Footnote As in some other African countries, [fn] From South Africa to Chad, attempts at politicizing traditional chieftains by political powers are numerous.

Hide Footnote — and, in some cases, of losing their seats — deputies rejected the proposed bill on 11 May with votes, against only 23 who favoured the bill and 12 who abstained. Part political party, part armed group, the MLC allied itself with Uganda and occupied most of the north of the country in the subsequent civil war. According to the existing voting system for the lower house, deputies are elected by proportional representation with open lists from districts, which each elect between one and four deputies depending on their number of registered voters.

Several senior members have left to join either the government or other opposition parties. ,oi the vote is any guide, Bemba could expect to gather strong support in main urban areas — in particular Rdcc — as well as in his home turf in the north-western former Equateur province which was divided in into five provinces: Any attempt by the president to extend his tenure would likely provoke a major political crisis.

Reversing a Dangerous Decision. The Next High-risk Area? In the wake of constitutional changes widely perceived to benefit President Kabila, [fn] On 15 JanuaryPresident Joseph Kabila put several controversial constitutional reforms to the vote during a joint session of with both houses of parliament, in order to change the presidential elections from two rounds to a single round.


In short, there are multiple possibilities countrywide for unscrupulous politicians to play communities against one another. On this important point, the recommendations of the European Union have not electoral heeded by the Congolese legislature.

Furthermore the constitutional principle of parity between men and women [fn] Article 14 of the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Official Journal, 18 February International actors must remain focused on persuading Kabila to stand aside and for elections to take place in December, as scheduled.

What should be done? Nevertheless, the non-realization of parity between men and women and the non-presence of those living with a handicap shall not be a motive for the inadmissibility of a list. Hide Footnote parliamentarians upped the pressure by delaying their scrutiny of the text, and then linking final debates of the bill to salary negotiations. This site uses cookies.

DR Congo’s Electoral Law for Choosing Continuity | Crisis Group

It remains electorle whether Katumbi will be able to run, as he is facing numerous legal challenges, including claims that he has forfeited his Congolese citizenship. Hide Footnote In districts where one list receives an absolute majority more than 50 per cent of votes, that list would take all seats.

Will any opposition leader stand aside to avoid a split opposition vote and, if so, 0215 leaders? Although electorald major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several innovations to the new electoral law: It is unclear at present how a Bemba bid for the presidency would sit with regional leaders. Hide Footnote was only included as a desired condition, rather than a legal requirement for electoral lists, as requested by some parties.

He scored strongly in the west, north, Kasai electoeale Kinshasa. A return to custody appears unlikely, and even were that to happen and Bemba to serve the maximum sentence, he would be out in time to participate in the electoral campaign, which starts 22 November electoralf Which opposition leaders will be able to run?

Its Article modified the current system of proportional representation. But even if Kabila stands down and opposition candidates contest the vote, serious risks would remain, particularly given that such a vote would open up real competition. Although rejecting major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several innovations to the new electoral law:. If Kabila stands aside and prospects of a genuine contest for power improve, credible polls and commitments by contenders to avoid inflammatory campaign language and pursue elecrorale grievances peacefully will be critical.

Why does it matter? Citizens in eastern DRC including Katanga may have concerns about Bemba, a strong candidate in the west, winning the presidency.

The ruling party expected the legislature to take only a ooi days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during which they amended it extensively. Regarding the charge of witness tampering, Bemba has already served over 80 per cent of the maximum sentence of five years, given that he was served an arrest warrant in November The court thus called a status conference in his case on 12 June, and provisionally released him until his final sentence is decided on 4 July However, the MLC is still one of the major opposition formations and has one of four opposition representatives — with Nadine Mishika Tshishima, who is deputy leectorale deputy head of finances — in the electoral commission CENI.


Deputies will convene for an extraordinary session in July and the senators will meet in August to finalise the annexes to the electoral law, which include determining electoral districts. That a number of opposition leaders maintain the aura of being presidential hopefuls to strengthen electorake hand in intra-opposition negotiations further complicates efforts to arrive at a consensus.

In doing so it demonstrated that the executive could not simply trump its interests. Hide Footnote rumours that the proposed electoral law would seek to exclude certain candidates on the basis of their age, residency or tax returns were persistent. Both leaders have recently held talks with international partners and have discussed a possible electoral pact and prospects for uniting behind a single presidential candidate.

As influential opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and his party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress UPDSboycotted the elections, Bemba was the uncontested candidate of the west as Kabila dominated in the east. For Kabila, or a successor he picks from his inner circle or the ruling majority, Bemba is a political threat, but his return could also present an opportunity to split the opposition vote. Bemba found refuge at the South African embassy and negotiated his departure to exile in Portugal in April.

Finally, the new text stipulated that the 24 communes of Kinshasa would become electoral districts, electtorale the four existing districts.

For now, it appears highly likely that he will rejoin the political fray: Outside powers should keep pressing Kabila to stand down and allow opposition candidates to participate. In districts where no one list attains an absolute majority, proportional elfctorale would be retained, with lists receiving seats based on their vote totals.

Managers of combined companies state and private are, however, permitted to run.