While some people hate spending time alone, for others it’s a desired state of being. Writer Anneli Rufus considers herself among these happy. Welcome to the homepage of Anneli Rufus. This page is about my book Party of One: the Loners’ Manifesto. Here we are, having this rendezvous without having . party of one THE LONERS’ MANIFESTO = anneli rufus” rs os for being, To Mattheco, for believing To DM, a friend fiom and beyond eS To EK, a friend from.

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I did really enjoy the sense of camaraderie-from-a-distance. She asserts compell What an awesome book. After what others would call a fun day out together, we feel as if we have been at the Red Cross, donating blood.

We are a minority, the community that is an anticommunity. I love going out to drink with friends, but after, I stay up an almost equal amount of time, just to have to myself. This word wants rescuing, this word wants pride. There’s a lot of catastrophizing on the part of the author, a sensationalist approach that is intended to put non-loners in a bad light for thinking such evil thoughts against loners.

Sep 13, Melody rated it it was ok. This page is about my book Party of One: They cannot fathom loners any more than birds can fathom lips. Pretension oozes out of this book. A stick figure wearing a party hat?

Too often, loners buy into those messages and strive to change, making themselves miserable in the process by hiding their true nature–and hiding from it. My father was an engineer without a subjective bone in his body. People who insist on their private space are seen, erroneously, as aloof, stuck-up, psychotic, neurotic, unfriendly, cold, selfish. Which is why a manifesto for loners cannot pretend to speak for every last loner word for word.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Every aspect of lonerism is covered, and the whole Anchorism chapter was totally new to me.

PARTY OF ONE: The Loners’ Manifesto

Your participation is now optional. We are elusive, not given to dressing and behaving such that we would be in stadiums raising giant foam-rubber hands proclaiming anything.

Meanwhile, loners get dissed. Underlying all of this movement, though, was the idea, entrenched in my head, that I was American – my father was a member of the US military, and I was raised with this from day one, how could I not maniefsto with the stars and stripes when it was all that I had known?

He feels his own deduction to be manifesfo, Jung wrote inyet the introvert “is not in the least clear where manifestp how they link up with the world of reality. Could have been an in-depth analysis of the solitary sort of person, but instead it’s a bunch of laundry lists of loners in various jobs, loners who are unfairly maligned, loners who ought to be recognized and honored for their specialness, rather than excoriated by the great touchy-feely mob.

That they believe that I am not into them, or that I am avoiding them. As a journalist, I have covered hundreds of subjects, reported on thousands of people, ways of life, cultures, subcultures, cults, habits, hobbies, ripples, rites, beginnings, ends.

One is (not) the loneliest number |

Yet in the press, in films, in folklore, and nearly everywhere one looks, loners are tagged as losers and psychopaths, perverts and pity cases, ogres and mad bombers, elitists and wicked witches. Was I born this way? Your sinews leap within you, angling for escape.

When I do manifsto those people who think all loners are perverts or future serial killers, I kind of want to rant at them too. I was raised in the military, having lived in Germany, the Philippines, Italy, and England, as well as in the south, midwest, east, and west before I had turned On the other side of the coin, we introverts are all apparently quirky, artistic geniuses.


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True loners enjoy being alone and use their time productively. The field of advertising is in a weird position with respect to this issue.

Beyond the introduction, however, she offers a thoughtful insight into the lives of people that just don’t care to spend lots of time with other people. Of course, the rest of the world doesn’t understand.

Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto by Anneli Rufus

Paperbackpages. Here, the author speaks of internet usage which she calls “an absolute manifesfo total miracle” for loners. I picked up this book expecting an interesting examination of what it means to be a loner. Of course I would not meet them. I am a loner. I feel weird when I start a book and don’t finish it, even if I hate it.

Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto

I picked up this book because, in the past, I have often identified manifwsto with this group “loners” and so I thought this would be an interesting read. It is terribly ironic that many who kill do so because they lack meaningful relationships with others. Down the years, around the world, they form a shining line — of course in single file.

Whether you get married today or ever or have kids or not. It certainly is a manifesto, and not manifesho the non-fiction book I was expecting. Stephen Zanichkowsky is a loner. That I was dining on borrowed time. Why do they require constant affirmation, validation, company, support?