LOTHROP STODDARD’S “The Rising Tide of Color,” following so closely the Great War, may ap- pear to some unduly alarming, while others, as his thread of. Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, The [T. Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A reprint of a The Rising Tide of Color [T Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With an Introduction by Madison Grant, Chairman, New.

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A life-long student of biology, Mr. The destruc- tion wrought in China, central Asia, and Persia is almost beyond conception. Similar waves ultimately passed south of the Black and Caspian Seas, and were called Turks, but these were long held back by the power of the Byzantine Empire, to which history has done scant justice.

Thus far practically all Japanese appear to be in substantial agreement. The victorious career of the Tatars was unchecked, from the Chinese Sea on the east to the Indian Ocean on the south, until inat Wahlstatt in Silesia, they encountered pure Nordic fighting men.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy – Wikipedia

There should be a Japanese ambassador at Teheran. This is the reason why, year after year, and decade after decade, the Senussi advance slowly, calmly, coldly, gathering great latent power but avoiding the tempta- tion to expend it one instant before the proper time. But the wars of northern Europe against the south, from the racial point stocdard view, were not only useless but destructive. Let us not be ashamed to confess that he was right and we were wrong.

In response to these life-saving activities the enormous death-rate which hi the past has kept the colored races from excessive multiplication is falling to proportions comparable with the death-rate of white countries. It has been estimated that the undeveloped portions of the Dutch Indies alone are capable of supporting ,-people living on the frugal Chinese plane. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard

Their habitat is eastern Asia. Trivia About The Rising Tide o Open Preview See a Problem? At the moment, the “opening” of the Far East was hailed by white men with general approval, but of late years many white observers have regretted this forcible dragging of reluctant races into the full stream of world affairs.


Stoddard also discusses how basically every European nation east of Germany has a good percentage of Asiatic blood.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard – Free Ebook

The late war has un- doubtedly caused an absolute decrease of many mil- lions of souls. Fight it must, but let that fight be not a civil war against its own blood kindred but against the dangerous foreign races, whether they advance sword in hand or in the more insidious gnise of beggars at our gates, pleading for admittance to share our prosperity.

So fundamental are these issues that a candid discussion of them would seem to be timely and helpful. Biafra rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Oh, that they might eat one another up!

The up- shot is that the rising flood of color finds itself walled in by white dikes debarring it from many a promised land which it would fain deluge with its dusky waves. But this process is even now being worked out. tjde

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy

It might truly be said that this point is already reached, and that it only needs an application of the test to prove to the world that the Far East would resent Western interference as an intolerable impertinence. He did however, point at the black fecundity will likely become tkde big problem down the road. None of the later hordes were able to force their way so colod into Nordic territories, but spent their strength upon the Alpines of the Balkans and eastern Europe.

In came Italy ‘s barefaced raid on Turkey’s African dependency of Tripoli. Whelpley, “East and West: In the following pages I have tried to analyze in their various aspects the present relations between the white and non-white worlds.

A good example of Europe’s underestimation of Japanese strength was the proposal a Dutch writer made in to curb possible Japanese aggression on the Dutch Indies by taking from Japan the island of Formosa which Japan had acquired from China as one of the fruits of victory.


Whether Japan avows it or not, her persistent aim is to gain the mastery of the Pacific. Japan’s easy victory over huge China astounded the whole world. Here we see again that tendency toward an understanding between Asiatic and African races and creeds in other words, a “Pan- Colored” alliance against white domination which has been so patent in recent years. Almost in modern times these same Mongoloid in- vaders, entering by way of Asia Minor, and calling themselves Turks, after destroying the Eastern Empire, the Balkan States, and Hungary, again met the Nordic chivalry of western Europe under the walls of Vienna, colorrand again the Asiatics went down in rout.

The blacks total about , Pearson, wrote of the Chinese a generation ago in his epoch-making book, “National Life and Character”: The first are the yellow-skinned, straight black-haired, black-eyed, round-skulled Mon- gols and Mongoloids massed in central and eastern Asia north of the Himalayan system.

The Japanese armies in Siberia were reduced, albeit they still thf the most powerful military factor in the situation. Every Moslem is a born missionary and instinctively propagates his faith among his non- [oslem neighbors.

But one cannot change the past, no matter easily it would fix things in the present. As we have already said, the Saraeens had torn away many of the provinces of the Eastern Empire, and the Crusades, for a moment, had rolled back the East, but the event was not decided until the Seljukian hte Osmanli Turks accepted Islam. Down to the close of the nine- teenth century, however, they generally accepted white hegemony as a loothrop but inevitable fact.

Not only will Japan try to erase the ambitions of Russia and Germany; it will also do its best to prevent England and the United States from touching the Chinese cake.

To turn China’s risiny nationalism into purely anti-white channels and to transmute Chinese patriotism into a wider “Pan-Mongolism” would constitute a Japanese triumph of incalculable splendor.