Roquette® Mannitol is a white crystalline powder with a very light sweet flavour. It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscop. PEARLITOL®. Mannitol. Roquette. Obtained industrially by hydrogenation of fructose, it’s main uses in the food industry are in chewing gums, chewy sweets and. Mannitol is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products. Mannitol may be used in direct-compression tablet applica- . Roquette Fre`res).

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The mixture thus obtained is tableted on a Fette Exacta 21 instrumented alternating press Fette GmbH, D Schwarzenbekequipped with flat punches 16 mm in diameter. Spray-dried lactose is highly compressible and the sphericity of its particles gives it satisfactory flow properties, but it is less stable and has a shorter shelf-life than crystalline lactose.

The use of a crystalline mannitol of fine particle size, i.

Sodium starch glycolate provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers with a range of superdisintegrants for different formulation needs. It is a blend of starch, maize, and colloidal silica. The applicant company has, for its part, proposed, in its patent EP 1.

Roquette patents mannitol excipient

Amylomaize and Waxy Maize Starch provide excipient benefits as a disintegrant and filler or binder, as well as nutrient benefits as a carbohydrate source. Talk to us about how we can help you address the carbon foot print and sustainability targets for your products. Native starches are well known as disintegrants, fillers and binders once cooked in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical dosage forms.


In order to improve its compression properties, lactose has been modified by spray-drying and agglomeration.

Be inspired by Roquette’s unique product range to meet your specific needs. Other Properties and Benefits. We mannnitol unable to carryout a sample order right now. Product not available for sale. This may also involve pharmaceutical or plant-protection active ingredients, or detergents.


The coagglomerates according to the invention are characterized by their compression behavior, determined according to a test C. Other Properties and Benefits.

These are in particular used as excipients in dry forms represented, for example, by powders for filling hard gelatin capsules, sachet powders to be extemporaneously dispersed or dissolved in water, oral solid forms and tablets. Throughout the disintegration period, the mouth should remain closed and the tongue should make only small movements.

The applicant company has found that mannitol in alpha- or delta-crystalline form, brought into contact with a small amount of water, as is the case in the oral cavity, dissolves and then recrystallizes in beta form. Furthermore, all three of these tablets with active ingredients have a very short disintegration time in the mouth, less than 30 seconds, as recommended by the health authorities. It is meant to provide general information about our products and facilities.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The coagglomerates as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that they have a viscosity, measured according to a test B, having manniitol value of between 2. For more information visit our cookie policy and learn how to customize cookies setting.


PEARLITOL Mannitol DC from Roquette Pharma

The mannutol parameters most particularly determined are the following: The five individuals of the panel test each tablet three times. Talk to us about how we can help you address the carbon foot print and sustainability targets for your products.

However, microcrystalline celluloses have the drawbacks of being expensive and of having a very unpleasant rpquette in the mouth as already mentioned aboveand that of a decrease in the hardness of the tablets formed, following water uptake. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider.

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PEARLITOL® – Mannitol – Products | Ferromet

The coagglomerates in accordance with the invention have, according to this test B, a viscosity having a value of between 2. The active substance is multiparticulate and is in the form of coated microcrystals or coated microgranules.

The lubricant is added to this mixture. The various technologies include mainly: View Animal Nutrition products View market information.